Chasing Miracles Book

christianity chasing Miracles book

Chasing Miracles the novel is about faith and kindness. It helps us to understand how people can treat each other in a gentler and compassionate way. Each character that we are introduced to reminds us of something that is in ourselves.

Tommie Weber the author views the past as a school, the future as an adventure and each present moment as chance to forgive himself and start anew. Throughout this novel these views are present in every page that is turned.

Chasing Miracles has been in the hands of thousands of people and has been in 17 different countries. Enjoy the journey and see why so many people couldn’t put this novel down and how it enlightened so many to start their own Chasing Miracles Journey.

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In reading this book I found a power to continue. The story, as it unfolds creates messages and insight into the possibility of what may be. To walk the walk, know the people, was almost like being part of the family. The pictures of hope, despair and then hope are now vivid for months after closing the last page. The sincerity, power and passion of the words have been a lesson in understanding that there is a real future for us all. It doesn’t’ matter what path we set out to follow, things do change if we just take the time to listen to the universe. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to progress in the learning of life.

– Jeff Nield, Australia

I read your book with great pleasure. The warmth you are, your person, your being in the world shines through every line. I feel all warm and fuzzy reading it. This is true gem. I love the language and the clarity of insight. I see that you are paying homage to our own imperfections to those places in our lives and hearts that want all our kindness and love. Our acceptance for life itself. I love the humble simplicity of the writing.

– Dr. Henriette Alban, Reading PA

Tommie Weber is one of the few who have been graced with not only being a talent and sincere human being, but a gifted writer as well. Reading Chasing Miracles will change your life, as it did mine, if you let it. You miracle is in this book. Read it and see.

– Coach Steve Powell, Oxford, NC

This story leaves you with a good feeling about the world and people in it. Open your mind to the possibilities of miracles that are all around you and this book will give you joy and hope that anything and everything is possible…if only we believe.

– Claiborne Holtzman, Rocky Mountain, NC

Chasing Miracles evoked a gamut of emotions, taking me through wonder, excitement, despair, hope and joy to name a few. It is captivating and inspiring. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

– Bonnie Duarte, Manalapan, NJ