Let’s Start a Movement

Fads, whether they be insanity workouts, the latest hair dye, tanning salons or crazy weight loss diets, all can be damaging.

Each of us needs to examine risks versus rewards all the time and then make a choice.  Unfortunately, we as a group have made some bad choices and this crosses the entire spectrum of striving for health.

Our body is smarter than we are and it makes choices each day on a nano second to nano second basis.  Most of the time we are unaware of what it is doing while it goes about making our red blood cells, discarding waste, raising and lowering our temperature, keeping our heart beating and simply recreating each day who we are.  It works well or malfunctions based on the choices we make each and every day.  We eat processed food, too much sugar, don’t exercise enough, work too long and stress it to beyond its design limitations.  Yet still it goes on.  Little by little it starts to lose the race.


All we really need is to listen to its needs while it fights to maintain balance.  There is a word for this.  It is called Homeostasis.   Simply put, homeostasis is the body’s ability to fight for balance and remain healthy.

One of the key issues in this fight is what we put into our bodies.  One of the major problems is hydration.  The body is not made of 70% high sugar drinks, coffee, tea or alcohol.  It is made up of water and to remain properly hydrated we need to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Moderation is the ally of homeostasis.  Over indulgence has its consequences.  We really would benefit if we could hear our internal organs screaming profanities at us for all the garbage we out into our mouths and how often we make those bad choices.

Think a little about the scales of justice instead of the bathroom scale.  Do we really need to work twenty hour shifts, be away from friends and family for weeks at a time?  Stress adds to our bodies breakdown just like eating the wrong foods.  Do we really remember what is important when it comes to our health?  Is that third donut really necessary with the second 20 ounce coffee of the day?  I don’t know about you but I can hear my kidneys yelling for the bathroom already.  I can hear my liver crying out:  “No Mas!  No Mas!”

If Homeostasis equals Balance then the way we live our lives today is Homeostasis Out of Balance.

Start a Movement

Let’s start a movement.  Let’s listen to the needs of our bodies and make better choices for ourselves.

Drinking water is not making you pee too much.  Water working to balance the system and wash out the poisons including overmedication is making you pee.  You know what?   That is a good thing.  Remember:  “Better Out than In”.

Balance is important in all things. Homeostasis is the bodies cry for balance and water is the delivery system to achieve it.

It’s baby steps in the beginning.  Take the top piece of bread off the sandwich.  Doing this we balance the sugar and carbs just a little bit.  Eat half of it and save half for later.  Now you have cut the bodies work load.   Kick that up a notch and Drink Water.  Add Minerals to your Water and really let yourself go crazy improving your Health.  You’ll feel better and your Body will say “Thank You”.




  1. Be an expert in the field of natural health and wellness,holistic researcher,health. advocate and nutrition lecturer,I love to say that you provided a solid blog, clearly written,providing a sensible introduction to the basis of natural health management.
    The principles in your blog when we as group of people apply in our life, Will add years to our life and zest to years. You made mention of bad choices we as group have made, this crosses the entire spectrum of striving for health. I would say that the greatest challenge africa and the Western medicine has face is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Your blog does exactly so with clarity, charm and thoroughness.
    The Holy word say at Genesis 1 verses 29 then God said; I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with the seed in it. They will be yours for food . Imagine life without food, or imagine life as a game in which we are juggling five balls, work, family, health, friends and religion—- in the air, and you keep all of them off the ground. You will soon realize that work is a rubber ball.
    If you drop one of these, it will be scuffed,micked,damage or ever shattered. It will never be the same again. We must understand that, and strive to balance all parts of our life. It is exactly what you share in your blog. Also these important concept you share with us is so vital and when internalized, will do more to improve our health and extend our life than all the technological wonders of modern medicine. You talk about process food, too much of sugar, we dont exercise enough,work too long and stress ourselves to beyond the body design limitations. To me it is one of a greatest crime we inflict upon ourselves. Many of us has failed when it comes to apply the most pratical key to a better lifestyle that has been presented to us in your blog.
    Chasingmiracles is divine set up that is given mankind true information about health and choices.
    Moderation is key in everything ,so as you put it with the correct word: HOMEOSTASIS simply put it…Balance. But we do the contrary. We liveour lives today is Homeostasis out of balance. What a poor and wrong choices we make.
    Hydration is one factor we seem not to take seriously, yet as you said, the body is not made of 70% high sugar, drinks, coffee, tea or alcohol. It is made of water, and to remain properly hydrated, we need to keep drinking water throughout the day.Simple principles and choices to be made has become our barrier. Water help to balance the body system and wash out the poison including overmedication. Add minerals to the water is key. it help improved our health are the critical issues the modern medicine confronted to address.
    To conclude, chasingmiracles team have been in the forefront of preventive medecine since long before it was fashionable. The team confront health questions and anxieties with compelling evidence and grace. No one can read even a few of these blog and remain the same.
    Robert B Ingersoll once said: In nature there are neither rewards, nor punishment; there are only consequences.

    Beauguard Arouna.
    Ghana-West africa

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