Forgive 9I think one of our greatest assets is a short memory. Within it lies our infinite capacity for forgiveness.  The only time I remember being disappointed in myself is when I failed to see the best in another person. What a wonderful lesson to learn.

Looking past our own, or someone else’s faults opens the possibility to learn from each other, and learning is the only thing we can do consciously and sub-consciously continuously, all the time. Everything else we do is part time. Doesn’t matter whether it be working, sleeping, eating, praying or playing, at a certain point we stop. Even during these activities we can learn. Some would say our dreams can teach us many things. Learning is a constant, continuous journey and God wants us to grow and learn as much as possible. The parable of the “talents given, used or wasted” in the Bible is a perfect example.
We see, feel, touch, imagine, smell, care, succeed, fall short, all without effort in every instant we are alive. We get to choose and imagine a path and choose again if we wish. In each nano second there are myriad lessons, in each moment a possible, epiphany in each day a new lifetime of learning. Learning is one of the only things left in our lives which is free. We should choose to exercise its limitless possibilities as much as we are able.


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  1. I think unforgiveness stand between you and God. Why? Because we are all sinners and through grace, God has forgiven us and see us as righteous. If God can forgive us all the awful things we have done, we can forgive others. Recently i was sharing the message of this blog with friends through various social media and suddenly I received I message from a close friend stating that: God knows I needed a word this morning,.. and needed to forgive my husband for the mess. Quickly I realize that I must forgive those who hurt me in this journey call life. I learn that if I harbour unforgiveness, I will be holding onto bitterness and thinking badly of others, sinning and opening a door to the enemy get into my life and cause havoc. Matthew 6:14-15 state..if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive your sins. This help me to know that forgiviness is mainly for my benefit, not for the benefit of the person I am forgiving. I must let the pass go so that , the heavy burden should be lifted up from me.
    Choosing not to forgive get us stuck in our past, preventing us moving forward. I realiize that forgiveness help us grow, it leads to purification of the spirit. 1John 1:9 say..if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and forgive us from all unrighteousness. So being forgiving is empowering. Forgiving those who have done you wrong give you the power back.
    Beauguard Arouna.

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