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Exercise by definition is supposed to be something which replenishes and enhances the body.  There is a reason that the life expectancy of an Elite Athlete is less than 60 years.

Sometimes we exist as Human Doings rather than Human Beings and take things to the extreme.

I have completed over forty Marathons and probably as many TriAthlons and wouldn’t trade any of them.  I also wouldn’t recommend any of them as much as I would a common sense approach for all individuals based on where each person is.

Exercise should be done for mental health, physical health and spiritual well being.  If something is called extreme or insanity or another catchy phrase, it might not fit everyone.  These are individual and unique choices.

The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the substances we abuse, the stress levels we have created should all be considered before starting a crazy out of control program.  We don’t want our exercise program to do us more harm than good.

Practicing Tai Chi, Yoga and ChiGong for many years, embracing them and enjoying them fully along side my cycling, running, pushups and sit ups has afforded me the ability to stay healthy physically, mentally and has kept me spiritually well.  All personal choices.  If I had to choose between the exercises I do I would choose the slow moving and stretching which allows me to organize my thoughts and emotions while concentrating on strengthening my body-mind and soul.

Exercise is for relaxation and strengthening.  Going to the point of exhaustion is dubious at best . Exercise Blog 5

There is a serious flaw with programs that are generic in outlook when we consider there is no one like each of us on the entire planet.  We are all unique.  It makes sense to believe that our exercise programs should be as unique as we are.  You are truly special.  This body you have, this machine you walk around in is the only one you will ever have.  It is a cathedral, a temple, a Mercedes-Benz.  Or for you BMW fans…it’s a Beemer.  We wouldn’t go outside, start our car, put it into neutral and rev the motor until it explodes now would we?  Why do it to our bodies?

There is a reason our bodies crave Balance. It searches for it every second we breathe.  Our hearts need Balance to keep it all going.  If our hearts could speak to us, it would most likely say:  “All things should be done in moderation and not excess.”

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