Our Bridge Of Life

Bridge 1

Our body is like a beautiful shining brand new bridge.  It supports everything that comes to it.  In time it becomes less shiny and doesn’t spring back as readily.  We still use it the same as always.

In order for it to last, we must revisit it’s beginning, repair some of what is lost and tread more gently.  In this way we can look back on our youth and enjoy this journey into wisdom more often and without fear of what is coming around the next bend.

Life is like any other game.  Where you begin does not determine where you end.  Take Poker for example.  The hand you may be dealt could be a very good hand.  Someone else gets a pair of two’s.  The next card comes and is a 2.  Still your hand is better.  The last card is also a 2 and now where you began is not the same as where you are ending.   Four two’s joined together gain strength from each other.

All life has ebb and flow.   Remember to be gentle with yourself and make repairs when necessary.




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