Hydrate and alkalize your body with water’s secret…

Mineral Water Hydration Packets

The best drink for hydration is created when you bring your water to life with Hydration Mineral Water Packs!

They are so easy to use! Simply add the mineral water hydration packet to your bottled or tap water and instantly create natural mineral water that’s oxygen-rich and alkaline. Experts agree it’s one of the most powerful healing forces available. Hydration Water Packs start at only $34.95 for a 1 month supply!

Hydration Pack Benefits

Our Mineral Water Hydration Packets contain more than 70 vital trace minerals which can increase energy and metabolism, reduce joint pain, improve immune functions and decrease chances of heart disease.

Increase Energy

Initiate Healing

Increase PH Levels

0 Calories

Promote Weight Loss

Improve Balance

Alkalize Your Body

100% Natural & 100% Safe

Hydration FAQ

Do you have questions about how to hydrate in the healthiest way possible? Find answers here!

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Book By Tommie Webber

A story about kindness and modern medicine working with natural healing together as a symphony.

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Lifewave Phototherapy Patches: Natural Healing with Light!

Apply a Patch, Stimulate Healing, Feel Better! ➤ LEARN MORE

Personal Health Design (PhD) Questionnaire

Our PhD is a questionnaire that will help you assess your Personal Health. It is not meant as a replacement for a physician’s care or provide a medical diagnosis. Use it as a screening tool only to point you in the right direction in determining where the highest priorities lie in your healing process.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I have been overwhelmed with good health by drinking water with the Hydration Packets from Chasing Miracles. Using the packets in my water daily has given me a feeling of confidence to reinforce my health for the last ten years.

And now I have added the Phototherapy patches to my daily regimen to propel my body to heal as it was designed. Every day I have more energy, enhanced stamina, stronger mental acuity, wonderful sleep, reduced stress, as well as decreased inflammation. As a 66-year-old male, I do not take any pharmaceutical medication, and trust living an active lifestyle.

I have complete confidence in the professional leadership and directions from Tommie Weber and Donna Kelly from Chasing Miracles.”
~ Jeff, Flintstone, GA

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