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  • The more you poo, the better you will do

    Now We Get To The Poo – (Not  “Winnie The” ) The weight loss industry is something of an anomaly. If these programs actually worked the weight of the entire planet would have been shifted enough to tilt the earth on its axis and everyone would have slid to the edge of the flat side and fallen off. … Read more

  • Dehydration Dangers and How Not Drinking Enough Water Affects Your Body

    Dehydration is affecting all of us to some degree Dehydration is not talked about enough, which is incredible given the Dis-ease states it creates.  We need to think about this complex machine/body we walk around in more simple ways, and realize the inside of our body needs the same thought and concern we give the … Read more

  • Weight Loss Progress with LifeWave Phototherapy Patches and a Focus on Healthy Choices

    “Islands in the stream. This is who we are.” 13 days are gone and so are another two pounds.  I cannot tell you how good I feel.  You will have to do this for yourself.  My body is slowing the process down. I won’t say I am plateauing, because that isn’t true.  As I said before … Read more

  • Am I drinking enough water?

    Your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints. Water is needed for overall good health.Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly.  Drinking water daily is a must. Most people have been told they should drink 6 … Read more

  • Weight Loss Real World Actualities

    We make mistakes.  I make mistakes, including during my efforts on my weight loss journey.  I put things in my mouth I know I shouldn’t.  It might be comfort food. It might be just something that is in front of us in the moment.  These past ten days have been a little struggle when it … Read more

  • In Weight Loss, as in Everything Else, Life Interferes.

    And So It Goes When you are trying to feel and look better, the recommendation is that you get good rest and stay away from stress.  I bet a politician made that up.  There are all kinds of exercises, diets, paraphernalia, expensive meal plans, surgeries with no follow up plan and crazy supplement programs.  All … Read more

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