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  • Weight Loss and Wellness Accountability Update – One Month and Eighteen Days In.

    DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF I have gone through Christmas, New Years Day, 3 Birthdays,  Martin Luther Day, one disaster of binging and still on track.   I plateaued for nearly a week so I went back to Dr. Joel Furman’s book on fasting and did it in this way.  I stopped eating after dinner on a … Read more

  • How Light Therapy Can Be Used For Weight Loss

    TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH! STOP! Well, I asked for feedback and got it.  The gist from several people I know and love is that the first segment was too long and basically sucked. After going back and re-reading it, I have to agree.  It missed the mark. It wouldn’t have got me started.  So where are … Read more

  • December 31: Twixt and Tween

    I did very well driving to New Jersey and was very consistent with drinking water and placing Aeon, Glutathione, X39 and X49 phototherapy stem cell patches daily. The Nirvana SP Six, and Silent Nights also have application but I chose to go with the ones above as my mainstay.  Everyone must look at the challenges … Read more

  • It Is A Journey

    I wanted to get this out before Christmas. I did not not get on the scale again so, no update there.  Frankly, there shouldn’t be.  We are on the road for the Christmas Season and with it comes the trials and tribulations of smiles, road rage,  other peoples schedules and the joy of being around … Read more

  • Hope Versus Heartache

    This idea of hope vs. heartache is an ongoing dilemma for most of us.  In this journey we are on the right side of the equation.  I jumped on the scale two days shy of ten, but it is Christmas time and I wanted to give the hope part the benefit if possible. I already … Read more

  • Back to My Highschool Weight: Bad News & Good News.

    I waited an extra week to put together the third installment of this completely new way of looking at bodily function enhanced by light patches and up-regulating systems based on resonation. I have good news and bad news. To back up, I began this journey with the goal of reaching my high school weight. I … Read more

  • Lose the Weight You Want To With Phototherapy Patches

    I was beginning to put a program for weight loss together before the convention and decided to weight (get it?). I know, I am stupid but I do make myself smile. I have organized and run weight loss programs for a couple different network marketing companies. We always designed them to work for both women … Read more

  • Why do our phototherapy patches work and how do they work so quickly?

    We have been asked over and over why our phototherapy patches work and how they work so quickly. Also, why we are using them? A simple answer is everything in the universe resonates at different frequencies. Vitamin C, Glutathione red blood cells, kidney cells all vibrant and speaking a language we don’t yet fully understand. … Read more

  • Forever Christmas: A Modern Reimagining of the Classic Nativity Story

    by Thomas Weber This little story has sustained us for thousands of years.  Hope is eternal, energy is infinite and we wonder what we would do without joy and brotherhood. Join the author as he weaves a tale of hope and kindness in a world hell bent on chaos in the novel, Forever Christmas. We, … Read more

  • Why Drinking More Water Isn’t Enough

    Staying hydrated takes more than just increasing your fluid intake. Here’s everything you need to learn about hydrating yourself at a cellular level: When we think of hydration, the first thing that pops into our mind is plain water. You’ve probably seen many experts talking about the amount of water that you need to drink … Read more

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