“Tommie Weber is an amazing person who has helped countless people. He would tell you that those people have helped themselves, but if it wasn’t for his wholehearted caring, love and friendship putting them on the right path, many of them would not be alive, let alone healthy. Tommie, you are a true blessing from God.”

~ Terri Thatcher

“Years ago I met Tommie Weber and learned about how harmful it is when our body is too acidic.  Some of the things people drink, like diet sodas, have the PH of battery acid.  Tommie introduced me to the Hydration Water Packs.  

For a long time now, my drink of choice has been water, adding the Water Packs every day to make it more alkaline, healthier and helping my supplements absorb better.  As a dancer, hydration is vital.”

~ Ann from Charleston, SC

My name is Greta and I have had chronic back pain for several years due to a car accident.  I have two herniated disc‘s and one bulging vertebrae. A friend of mine shared with me his knee healing experience with the phototherapy patches so my husband and I decided to try them.

Well, I’ll tell you I was in chronic pain for years then going to a chiropractor and some other massage therapist.  I had some relief but nothing like what I have experienced with these patches.   I believe I am on my way for a total healing.  I couldn’t sit stand or ride in the car for any length of time and now I can. Praise God!”

~ Greta from New Jersey

Bernie & Sharon

“I have been a fan of the Hydration Water Packs from Chasing Miracles for several years.  My health had made such a great improvement since adding these to my daily routine.  In February I was contemplating a knee replacement surgery.  I even called to get an appointment. I was hoping to get it done in Florida over the winter. 

On March 1st Tommie Weber told me about the phototherapy patches he was now working with. I ordered some to try.  When they arrived  I started using them on March 5th. In 5 day’s I saw a marked improvement. No longer did I have the nagging pain that had kept me awake countless nights and no more pain walking even going up and down stairs was no longer a challenge.

I am a farmer and getting on and off tractors became easier. I played golf in May and shot the best game of my life. My focus has also greatly improved. These patches have improved my life beyond my wildest dreams.   At 71 I am not slowing down now.”

~ Bernie from New Jersey

“I was  having difficulty with memory and considerable back and leg pain. Always an active farm wife and raising 5 children. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004 after a strong seizure. Unable to remove the tumor we resorted to radiation therapy. This didn’t do much to reduce the size of the tumor but left me with a disabling use of my right arm.  

I did seek acupuncture and Cheese Herbal remedies. My arm improved slightly.  In October 2021 I again started having petty mall seizures.

The remedies were to increase the use of Keppra but after seeing what the phototherapy patches had done for my husband I started several of the patches.  I was so happy to see a noted response in my memory, motor function and reduced inflammation. I have not experienced a seizure or spell in 7 months. After a blood test I also noticed that my T4 thyroid has improved greatly too.”

~ Sharon from New Jersey

“My name is Kay.  I have had 3 back operations over the past 20 years and have experienced chronic pain constantly.  We were introduced to the phototherapy patches through Chasing Miracles and I have felt such relief to the point of being able to function normally.  

On a scale of 1 to 10 I am at a 5 for the first time in 20 years.  I know using these patches will bring me down to a 1 any day now.”

~ Kay, Louisville, KY

“I’ve been using the Hydration Water Packs from Chasing Miracles for over 10 years. I was introduced to Tommie and Donna through a friend when I was diagnosed with cancer. I started using the packs as well as other supplements that Tommie recommended. I am in excellent health and have wavered from my regimen. I believe the water packs have given me energy and strength.”

~ Margie Salvatore from Freehold, NJ

“Hello!   I have a bad knee to the point where I was told I need a knee replacement. My sugar level is too high for surgery.  A friend of mine shared with me his knee healing experience through phototherapy patches so I decided to try them.  I used to take over-the-counter pain medication to deal with my pain.

I ordered the patches and put them on my knee in the pain location.  The pain went away within 15 minutes!   I am  also using the stem cell reactivation patch which I believe will bring my total healing.   Praise God!”

~ Bertha from New Jersey

“My name is Linda  and I have been using  the stem cell patches from Chasing Miracles for  about 8 months now. I can’t believe how much better I feel after using them. My knees are getting better and I am trying new patches to help make my muscles strong. I can’t wait for the results from that.

All of their products are excellent. I have 2 friends that tried the pain patches and they love it so much they told 3 other people and they are all using it now. We all love your products. 

Thanks so much for making my life better.”

~ Linda from Freehold, NJ

“I never knew there was a difference in water taste because I grew up drinking well water. When I moved out and into town I noticed the water was undrinkable unless I purchased bottled water. It wasn’t until 2009 when I met my boyfriend and his mother introduced me to the hydration packs that I discovered how remarkably clean and refreshing my water tasted. I can tell a huge difference when I go from drinking the distilled water with the hydration packs to regular filtered water. I also notice a difference in my immune system and overall body aches and pains.

Hydration packs for me are a life long product that I will not be without!”

~ Raini from Spokane, Washington

“The alkaline sachets helped to heal my auto immune disorder. My dad made this for me as a gift by emptying the used sachets into this bottle.”

~ Saige – Santee, CA

My dad made this for me as a gift by emptying the used sachets into this bottle.

“Like religion, we have faith it does good things.”

~ Phil and Vinni Gatti from Toms River NJ

“My journey toward finding Alkalyze-To-Go began the day after my birthday in October, 2011 when I discovered I had contracted a life threatening disease. Years of a science background led me to research possible other methods than medical science. How do I address this: attack the disease or strengthen the body? During this intensive research, the hospital’s staff kept insisting I must follow their protocols. My years of extensive experience working with other victims of this same disease had convinced me: that path would almost surely send me closer to death than to good health. Fortunately, undaunted, I continued the search that brought me to a different protocol which included these small packages, alkalizing my daily H2O intake. I never looked back and two of those little white packets go into my water bottle every day.

Not only did this choice squelch the disease completely within exactly 6 weeks from the date I started, but I have continued my daily intake of Alkayze-To-Go and have not had a single illness since that date. I am a living testament to their enormous contribution to good health.”

~ Bonnie Loren, Actress (formerly a pre-med student), Manhattan, New York

“I have been using the hydration packets for many years and rarely go one day without putting one in my bottle of water. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I like to use a holistic approach when I start out with clients in therapy, noting the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise, as well as recommending drinking water instead of soda or sugar laden beverages.

With the hydration packs I am confident that I am getting the calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that I need to keep myself going in a busy life.

In addition to running and bicycling I also play roller derby. At 65 years of age, I am keeping up with my team mates, passing minimum skills and scrimmaging and bouting with 20-40 year olds. I may not be the fastest or the best, but I can skate and love it and am so happy to be able to do this at my age! At practices I can truly say I have never had problems with dehydration, energy or stamina, thanks to the hydration packets!”

~ Nancy Ingersoll, LCSW
a.k.a. “Momba La Bomba” of the Erie Roller Girls

“As a vocal coach, vocal health and hydration are must for myself and all of my singers. This is where Chasing Miracles Hydration Water packs (which I have affectionately dubbed “Singers Water”) comes into play.

Whether you sing with a choir, gig on the weekends or tour the world, these Hydration Water Packs will help to boost your vocal health and hydration. Using this product daily not only keeps my hydrated because it makes my water feel “wetter”, but I also never get sick. I have flown all over the world to perform on countless television shows and other venues and these Hydration Water Packs assured my voice was always in peak health and hydration.

How do I know it works? Simple. This past flu season I got hit hard and was down for weeks. I’d been busy remodeling my recording studio when I realized I’d forgotten for several weeks to turn my water into “Singers Water”. BIG MISTAKE! Now that I am Hydrated again no cold or flu will ever break me.”

~ Jaime Vendera-Celebrity Vocal Coach from Ohio

“When I received the Hydration Minerals, I was very very ill, trying to recover from an emergency dental surgery. I immediately felt an increase in my stamina which I was grateful for. But my remaining top teeth were loose and sore! I was fearful of losing all my teeth!

I decided to increase the Hydration Water Packs to 3 sachets per day. I’m ecstatic to report that within 3 Days, my teeth were no longer loose nor sore. I call that a miracle. I want to thank You Donna and Tommie for introducing me to this Life Saving Product and other pure and healthy products to myself and others. Thank you and Tommie so much!”

~ Very Sincerely, Jacquelyn Kington from Idaho

“My health was sluggish. I had no energy. I had just had my 2nd child and I had gone from 188 lbs back down to 168 lbs; and at 5’ 5” body frame still heavy. And that’s when I started to source ideas to feel better and have more energy. I was focused on energy more so than losing weight. When I discovered this amazing little secret I had no idea the positive impact. The work of this precious water secret starts on the inside. It’s an inside outside approach.

I started taking it daily. I added a few extra steps to my day. I made a few small changes in eating habits. And when I say small I’m talking about 1 less bite here and there. I started feeling better. Things changed I had no idea would change. Things like sleeping through the night and not feeling as sore or stiff in the mornings. My energy started to increase and I’d take a few more steps. I mostly wanted to add activity back into my life. I was more interested in having the energy to play with my kids. I had no idea the impact at the cellular level and what was taking place inside.

Within about 2 weeks of taking this and adding some movement in my life I dropped about 7 lbs. Long story short, within about 8 weeks I had dropped 25lbs. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so amazing! I felt so light. I was playing with my kids not just sitting on the sidelines watching. I went on to start running and working out more each day and dropped an additional 7lbs. But the good news is this, I’ve continue with the water secret and I’ve never gained that weight back. I’ve been using the water secret for 10 years now and I still have maintained my weight and my energy. I’m hydrated on the inside, my skin is healthy and my body feels strong.

I’ve shared this secret with many people and all different results. When you give your body on the inside what it needs, it will take care of you on the outside. I encourage you to try it out yourself for a minimum of 30 days. Along with a few small steps and see where this might take you!”

~ Thanks, Audrey Adkins, Life Coach from Broomfield, Colorado

“My wife and I have been drinking alkaline water for nearly 10 years. We have seen many health benefits; acid reflux, maintaining weight loss, hydration, helps eliminate inflammation, my wife is a cancer survivor. This year marks 5 years cancer free after a 3 year battle.

I have to brag on my wife a little…gone through over 30 years with diabetes She just got the results back on her latest A1C blood test which measures long term glucose levels in her blood. Normal levels for a Diabetic is 6.5 to 8.5. From 6.0 to 6.5 Drs will tell you are pre-diabetic. HER RESULTS were 6.3 Off the Charts good!

I believe without any doubt that Alkaline water has been a key to her success with her Diabetes. We will always be a believer in its benefits.”

~ Michael and Kay Mack from Louisville, Kentucky

“When I was introduced to this product I knew it was what I needed, as I saw the benefit to my own health. I knew I had found a golden nugget for a lifetime. I’m very grateful for this life changing product. My health is now well on it’s journey to great health and wellness.”

~ Sandra Juarez from Mission Viejo, CA

“I love this water because it heals and energizes the body. My skin has rejuvenated and made me look younger. My hair shines, my energy is enhanced. No more dehydration issues since I have been using this miracle product for over 10 years.”

~ Beauguard B. Arouna from Ghana, Africa

“Great video Tommie. Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me via our mutual friend Robert Blakely and helping me Chase my miracle. I feel 100% better after using Xooma products.”

~ Bill D. Taylor

“Chasing Miracles Hydration Water Packs have helped me enormously. Referred by a close friend, they have proven to be what has helped me through an illness and are now a part of my daily routine.”

~ Constance Stellas, Astrologer, Writer from Manhattan, NY

“I love sharing my testimony on such a simple to use product that is ahead of the health curve. So many of us remember not drinking water and making different choices like more coffee, actually anything but water. I traveled most of my career and ran my body down not realizing the most important function is hydration at the cellular level.

As I have watched new bottled water products come into the stores and supplements for magnesium, potassium and other items marketing to all of us as we shop, it wasn’t hard to figure out the message they were sending us. We all need to wake up and pay attention. One simple change.

I personally know how terrific this little mineral power pack is and how effective to my overall health. I know I’m hydrated, I like the way my water tastes, more energy and sleeping better. I’m sure it’s impacting so many other issues that I don’t even know are going on in my own body. I believe mineral water is the gift that keeps on giving.

Simple fact; I don’t take this product for granted. I know it’s impacting every cell in my body in a good way, and sometimes knowledge is a great motivator. The best part is the affordability, and simple to make this a habit and knowing it’s supporting my body through any health issue.”

~ Jana Clinton, Business Owner & Entrepreneur from Orem, Utah

“I’ve taken this product daily for years. I cannot tell you how much I love it!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.”

~ Liz Nicholls, Founder, A Woman in Motion from CANADA