How Lifewave X39 Phototherapy Patches Offer Immediate Results

David Schmidt, founder and CEO, talks about Lifewave technology and the X39 in this webinar and explains how the technology he developed back in 2004 helps to elevate your health by activating your natural energy in the body. 

Why is Lifewave phototherapy patch technology better than other pain relief patches?

It’s not a drug or a nutritional supplement – Lifewave X39 patches activate natural energy with light via a non-invasive, pain free external application. The materials in the patch do not enter the body which means it is not a transdermal patch. It facilitates your body’s own natural processes and ability to heal. There are no ingredients that go into or get absorbed by the body. 

How Do Our Phototherapy Stem Cell Patches Work? 

Patches stimulate the surface of the skin with light. With the X39 you can apply the patch anywhere on the body for it to work. For best results, apply them on the back of the neck or the belly button.

When applied to the surface of the skin the technology is immediately activated by body heat, which is a form of infrared light.

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Photo-bio-modulation is an area of phototherapy that simply means that when you stimulate the surface of the skin with light we activate reactions in the body. Each kind of patch reflects specific wavelengths of light and each of these different wavelengths of light stimulate the nerves and create different biological changes. Similar to the way sunlight stimulates the body to produce vitamin d, we can use different wavelengths to create different biochemical reactions in the body.

X39 patches stimulate the elevation of different biological compounds in the body that naturally decline with age. People refer to the X39 as the “stem cell patch” because it increases the production of a peptide that is known to activate natural energy. 

It produces an immediate effect. You can feel it the first day you use it. 

Benefits of using Lifewave X39 phototherapy patches

Lower Inflammation

It increases the production of antioxidants and decreases inflammation. Reduction in pain and improvement in wellbeing and energy levels over all. 

Improved Sleep

Within the first few days of using the X39, most people will notice that they see significant improvements in their quality of sleep. The duration of sleep is also improved. Sleep is very deep and they are sleeping longer.

More Energy

Because we are elevating antioxidants in the body, we will see an increase in energy that’s produced by cells. This has a powerful anti aging effect. Right away, within the first few days, people are finding that they aren’t as tired at the end of the day.  

Pain Relief

Dramatic stories of pain relief are coming in from using the X39. People with chronic long term knee pain, they are finding the pain disappears. Back pain, migraine headaches, arthritic joints – this pain is managed and minimized within minutes of application. When you use the X39 people see an immediate reduction in the level of pain, improvement in mobility and how you feel. 

Skin Tightening 

From about the 4th to 12th week there will be an increase in collagen produced in the body because of the activation of stem cells. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is an important component of skin, nails and hair. Over a period of time the skin will begin to tighten and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Men who have used X39 patches have even reported hair growth, these results are being monitored closely.

anti aging and skin tightening from stem cell patches

Wound Healing

An increase in natural energy leads to growth factors that can increase the rate at which our bodies heal and elevated collagen production leads to a reduction in the appearance of scars. Wound healing is a natural process and as we age the quality of our stem cells diminishes, releasing less growth factors to repair damage to the body. X39 Lifewave patches support the natural wound healing process and leads to faster recovery

Sports Performance

Natural energy activation repairs damage at sites of injury in the body. X39 patches will increase the speed of recovery from injuries as well as improve sports performance. 

X39 is revolutionary in anti aging products. It rewrites genes to encode them to a younger, healthier, and more vital state. hyper methylation can no longer access process in the body we had access to when we were younger. 

You can activate your natural energy to experience the best health and vitality that you’ve ever had. Learn more about Lifewave technology on this website.

Feel The Powerful effect Phototherapy Patches Will Have on your health

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