How Lifewave X39 Stem Cell Patches Offer Immediate Results

It’s not a drug or a nutritional supplement – Lifewave X39 patches activate stem cells with light via a non-invasive, pain free external application. The materials in the patch do not enter the body which means it is not a transdermal patch. It facilitates your body’s own natural processes and ability to heal. There are … Read more

What Do You Do When Weight Loss Stalls?

What God and Your Body Want I am varying between 27 and 30 pounds off and have been for several weeks.  Am I discouraged? No, I am not. I put this weight on over a two year period. I felt heavy and slow and almost disabled.  I couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes without … Read more

The more you poo, the better you will do

Now We Get To The Poo – (Not  “Winnie The” ) The weight loss industry is something of an anomaly. If these programs actually worked the weight of the entire planet would have been shifted enough to tilt the earth on its axis and everyone would have slid to the edge of the flat side and fallen off. … Read more