What Do You Do When Weight Loss Stalls?

Your body when weight loss stalls. Let your body lead you.

What God and Your Body Want

I am varying between 27 and 30 pounds off and have been for several weeks.  Am I discouraged? No, I am not. I put this weight on over a two year period. I felt heavy and slow and almost disabled.  I couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes without getting out of breath.  I am not discouraged.  Actually, I am grateful to have gotten this far this quickly. It took four months and this slow down has added another, so I am a little frustrated, but that is to be expected.

I have no patience for this slow down but my body and God know why it is happening.

We all want things right now and there was no apparent reason to me why the delay. Realize when you try to do this that it is for your life, which is longer than four months.  I feel better. I know I look younger and am able to do things I used to be able to do. Running up stairs is a big deal to me. Moving free and easy is a big deal. Swimming and paddle boarding easily is a big deal to me.  Working without effort is a big deal.  Carrying groceries is a big deal.  You decide what is important to you and see how this works. 

I am a little stuck but I am not finished. I still have half a small person to take off my body or a small sack of potatoes and it will be gone.   Perhaps there is something going on inside me I don’ know about that my body needs to deal with and the fat cells are protecting my organs from inflammation.  Just a thought. 

Speaking of thoughts I had one which is incidental to weight loss but important to all of us who like to think, imagine, wander in our minds freely and easily.  It goes along with all I have been saying about removing weight/fat. 

It is important to let your body lead you. 

Follow a program and use your own thoughts and common sense. Some will drop weight and inches very quickly.  Embrace it and sustain and it will be the new you.  If you take it for granted, you may slip back into old habits.  Remember the old sponge in the garage.  All different problems are caused by neglect and not getting the things into the body that we need.  But, for a moment, consider that old sponge when it was new and supple.  You may have used it once and tossed it in a corner. It dried out, became cracked and brittle and old. 

Our brain is often compared to a sponge, so picture this. The sponge without water becomes old and feeble. It doesn’t remember what it is like to feel young and vibrant. Now consider dehydrating our brain. It becomes old and slow.  The electricity doesn’t flow.  The memories don’t come as quickly.  Our activity is diminished. Our fear increases and it doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 60.  Now what can we do about it?

Our LifeWave Phototherapy Patches harness a revolutionary technology that helps by adding light and directing it to work with our autonomic nervous system which, again, only God understands.  This system controls all those things that happen without thought, blinking, breathing, our heart beating etc. Gifts that God gave us at birth. This is where we are going. 

Change the mistakes we made to the body

Put new information into this program.  Good habits and meditation or prayer is a part of this program. It leads us and guides us and helps us when we are stuck – as I am now, but just for a little bit.  This is only an instant in my life. Patience, as a lifestyle, is a glorious place to visit. 

Now, consider our sponge and how the simile can be applied to a brain suffering with dementia, anxiety, learning disabilities, and headaches. You get the picture. It is lying there needing a delivery system.  Water makes up 70 percent of our body. It delivers everything including electricity.  Our body is a computer without wiring and circuit boards. It is the map for every invention ever created and it is the most amazing machine in the universe. Each of us gets one.  The sponge is lying there waiting for us to remember what it needs. 

If I were to get a bottle of water and dump it on that sponge, most of the liquid flows to the sides.  Think of swelling in our wrists, ankles, feet.  Think of congestive heart failure, weak bones, and torn muscles. It is all there, right before our eyes, if we take a moment to look and be grateful for our ability to choose something different for it. 

Now, if I slow down and slowly add water, it will be accepted and absorbed until the sponge is full.  The cells are are supple and becomes more flexible.  Everything can be overdone and if I don’t stop the water will overflow the cells again.  There is a balance.  I know many trainers and athletes say more water is always better, but think of the person who is three hundred pounds or the one who just wants to take off fifteen pounds for the beach season that is coming. 

How much water do we need to drink?

If we say that drinking fifty percent of our body weight in ounces of water is a guideline, it is probably true to a point. I think a better way to go for both the obese person and the person wanting to drop just a few pounds would be to look at the time in their life when they were at their healthiest.  You don’t want to drink so much water that you give your body silent permission to be 150 pounds over fat or 15 pounds over fat.  The importance to each of us is the same and the decisions we make are the same.  Usually we all harken back to when we were 16 to 35 and wish we could be that person. Well the eighteen year old who is struggling with 300 pounds is looking forward and the fifty year old struggling with fifteen pounds is looking back. 

Remember this journey is your own and when you get there you will feel better for having explored the possibilities. 

Thanks for letting me vent. I am back on the path and will speak to you in about ten days. I have some things to figure out and one of them is giving my own sponge less coffee and juice and adding more clean water.

Tommie Weber

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