The more you poo, the better you will do

frequent healthy bowel movements are important

Now We Get To The Poo – (Not  “Winnie The” )

The weight loss industry is something of an anomaly. If these programs actually worked the weight of the entire planet would have been shifted enough to tilt the earth on its axis and everyone would have slid to the edge of the flat side and fallen off. At the very least most people would be walking around at or near their birth weight and hide and seek would be played by people disappearing behind tooth picks.  

The statement “We are all created equal.” is laughable on its face.  

I know this because I have shared the stage at events with people who are much taller, better looking, different colors and best of all, a heck of a lot smarter than me. We should start to accept who we are. Take Queen Latifa and Celine Dione for instance.  Both are beautiful, talented, intelligent young women.  Are they equal in all things? They are more different than the same in body type but as far as people are concerned and the things that are important to humans,  I would say they are much the same. Both have suffered tragedy in their lives and I will leave it there.  The point is anyone can overcome in life if they put their mind to it, and no one can tell you who or what you are.  The only power anyone has in our life is the power we give them.  

Weight loss or fat loss programs don’t work.

Obesity and its opposite are here today as strong as when the war on fat began. Patience and determination win out. My body is rebelling against all I did to it over the past decades and saying I will hold on to this fat for awhile.  I am stuck between twenty five and thirty pounds lost for the past two weeks.  I will go back and examine what I have done differently during these two weeks than the previous few months and then report back to you.

This brings me to the beginning of my poo argument.

We Require Regular Bowel Movements for Good Health

Poo, take a dump, leave a a large one, discharge the family members or some other non-sensical reference to the event – health practitioners should know it is the most important movement we have. Bowel movements are more important than bending, stretching, jogging, running, kick boxing or Zumba-ing. Bowel movements have a profound affect on our health and also Uncle Harry’s intellect because he spends at least two hours reading magazines or at least looking at the pictures while monopolizing the porcelain crown.  

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Most of us are walking around with pounds of undigested fecal matter in our colon.  This pastes the villi in our small intestines against the walls of our small intestine and allows garbage to pass freely into our system.  Everything is cause and effect in our body. Although, I prefer the statement cause and non-response. It more accurately describes what is actually happening. Our body will respond to everything we do, good and bad. In this case it just doesn’t respond because we impaired its ability.  All the exercise in the world will not undo this issue. It is much the same as stress creating inflammation leading the body to create more fat cells to protect our organs from acid.  

Poo is a different animal. It is waste material. The end result of a process which used to take hours not days. A baby eats and it poops.  We actually try to feed a baby the right food so its body knows what it is suppose to do. This process works well until the baby is several months old. God puts the smell in the poo. Then it is a battle as to who cleans up the poo, but as usual, I digress, and my poo has not been regular.  

I will tell you right out if you aren’t letting go of a load at least once a day (and hopefully twice) you are in trouble. Not everyone has four hours a day to read and take care of this like Uncle Henry. It is vitally important to clean out the system and keep it moving. Keep expelling the waste material inside us to lessen our weight, strengthen our immune responses and reduce all kinds of issues from mood swings, headaches and allergies to heart issues and acid reflux.  

Going to the bathroom is not optional no matter what some ill informed health practitioner may say.  

We cannot correct the invasive and hurtful issue of obesity without cleaning out our bowel. Remember, if you are putting ten pounds a day in, and then after burning four pounds as fuel, aren’t getting about six of that out there will be a response! It is not one you are going to like in the mirror. It is a simple thing to do.  More fruit, more fiber, more water.  You will be cleaner, lighter and clearer of mind for it.  

I will not take so long to get back to you and update again next time.  I will examine what I am doing wrong and hopefully get back on the fat loss track.  Don’t be afraid to tell Uncle Henry to get the heck off the pot.  Other people need to use it.

Wash yourself by eating more plants and drinking more water before you “go”.  You will be glad you did.  We wash every other part of ourselves and not the most important and dirty area other than our mouth.  Just saying.  Almost scary we kiss our mothers with the mouths on us.  Just remember, when you think of poo and hopefully you do often, the more poo you do the better you will do, period.

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