The Easiest Way to Drink More Water

The easiest way to drink more water is to buy a bigger water bottle. It’s that simple.

Most of us are drinking bottled water from plastic bottles which is not stored at proper temperatures to keep the bad stuff from leaking into the water itself. When I see bottled water sold in stores by the case it is always on a shelf or on a pallet with no refrigeration in site. We all know that it’s not good to expose these plastic containers to extreme temperatures. Don’t freeze water in these non BPA free bottles and don’t let the bottles get too hot, like when you leave them in the car. The bottles most water comes shipped in are not the best option to use which is why I refrigerate all my bottled water and transfer the water from those bottles into my regular water bottle every day.

For those who find it challenging to drink the proper amount of water each day, a very simple solution is to treat yourself and to buy a water bottle that is colorful and holds 20-22 ounces of water. Instead of grabbing a bottle of water from the case, first thing in the morning, fill your new water bottle with a mineral pack and water. Refill your water bottle as needed throughout the day. You will be amazed at the change in water consumption you will have using this simple step. It becomes a part of your daily routine very easily which brings a higher level of health benefit to your life.

Remember to add your minerals to all your drinking water to be sure you are replacing your trace minerals especially in the summer months when we tend to need more water to stay hydrated. Increasing your alkalinity helps keep you on track for a healthier lifestyle no matter what you do or where you travel.

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