Dehydration Dangers and How Not Drinking Enough Water Affects Your Body

Dehydration is affecting all of us to some degree

Dehydration is not talked about enough, which is incredible given the Dis-ease states it creates.  We need to think about this complex machine/body we walk around in more simple ways, and realize the inside of our body needs the same thought and concern we give the outside.  When we have a cut, we watch it heal. When we have a headache we take a pill and forget it. This is not good and not normal. 

Dehydration is not simple and it is not reversible by drinking coffee, tea, soda and sports drinks. Most importantly, none of our systems work correctly without water. People dying of thirst in the movies are usually not looking for a soda machine.  A water fall, maybe.  A clear stream with a beer cooler in it, maybe. (Just kidding), Maybe.  

Water is seventy percent of our body. 

It makes up 95% of our blood, 25% of our bones, 70% of our spinal fluid and 90% our brain mass.  It is the delivery system for everything, including all the medications we misguidedly abuse everyday, which is on us.  We allowed big pharma to create an illusion of truth when they based all of medicine on 33% of the body’s mass and ignored water.  Why is this important? Well, I mentioned headaches so let’s start there. 

Dehydration and Constipation

This is, being empty at times and full of it at others. Both are dangerous.  The more important of the two is definitely the former, because it absolutely affects the latter, and every other metabolic process in our body in a negative way.

About being full of it, I will only say that if you have a health practitioner who has told you or someone you love that it is normal for someone with a healthy metabolism to go to the the bathroom once every three days, they most likely are full of the same excrement you are trying to get rid of.  Get rid of these people first, and you will feel better.  Some sun dried apricots each day will do wonders for the process.  

Migraines are linked in the medical research to dehydration.

Studies indicate that we can add fluid deprivation to our list of migraine precipitants. What if you could cure 80% of all headaches by drinking more water.  Two things would happen.  You would be happier and the incidence of liver Dis-ease would go down. You read right, Liver problems are closely linked to over the counter pain killers and dehydration. 

Dehydration and Diabetes

Consider what happens to fruit, even those apricots I suggested to use, when they are dehydrated.  The sugar content increases exponentially. The fruit can’t get diabetes but the process is consistent. Soda has an average of thirteen teaspoons of sugar per can.  Now think about the global epidemic of diabetes. We can’t fix it with machines and synthetic insulin. Diabetes is a lifestyle Dis-ease

Impaired cognitive function and mental performance

Research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that “Dehydration has been shown to be a reliable predictor of increasing frailty, deteriorating mental performance and poor quality of life.”

Think of the people we hear about with memory problems. Consider a sponge, which you might use to wash your car.  You throw it on a shelf and it starts to shrink up, become hard, shriveled, wrinkled and old. Now consider our brain which resembles the sponge. In many pictorials our brain is presented resembling a sponge. The same process is at work. Many of us have at least one dehydrated sponge, old and dried and nearly useless in the corner of the garage, forgotten.  You beginning to get the picture.  This ain’t “Brain Surgery”, no pun intended, or perhaps it was. 

Wrinkles, brittle hair, hard and brittle bones, cancer, heart disease, and strokes-all can be linked to dehydration.  Please ask your self if part of the solution could be water.  Water is better than drugging children for being children and not paying attention to the fact that these neuroleptic drugs drive their blood sugars through the roof. 

Recent studies show that statins and blood thinners are more potent and dangerous than the benefits we might be getting. We need to consider some of these things from a common sense perspective. I am not suggesting anyone stop all drugs tomorrow, but I am saying the pharmaceutical industry is not our knight in shining armor, and synthetic drugs are not candy or food. 

Diabetes and dialysis are purification issues. More fresh water, fewer problems, simple. Hardening of the arteries, dry eyes, more water, fewer problems, simple.

Remember that sponge laying in the garage? It’s dried up and forgotten, getting harder, more wrinkled and unstable by the day. Is it dying before our eyes or just forgotten to death on the shelf? Sound like someone we might know in our lives?  Consider for a moment what happens if you dump a can of soda on it or Grandma. Most of it flows over the sides. Grandma just pees more which makes things worse. The soda is so acidic that more deterioration occurs. Coffee, sweet tea, not as bad but not really helpful either.

Now, think of the mangy old dried up sponge getting a little water dripped on it in the middle.  The best way to consume water is by sipping water slowly, which is a lot like this.  What happens to the sponge?  The cells all begin to fill up. It begins to soften and become more pliable.  It starts to resemble the brand new sponge we tossed aside.  The sponge is getting physically younger before our eyes, just by adding water to its cells.  Could it be that the same thing might happen for us? 

Weight/fat loss works better when we drink water. Health becomes easier when our cells are more pliable and younger because we give them the health care they deserve.  We are giving them the fuel God created and the delivery system for every metabolic function we have.  The hair is stronger, our movements are easier, our eyes are brighter.  Wrinkles start to fill in, and guess what?  The same thing is happening to our heart, lungs liver and kidneys. 

GOT CHA! I could go on, but this enough for now. I think everyone gets the idea. It really isn’t rocket science.

Look up all of the dis-ease processes that are linked to dehydration.  Consider your liver, kidney, and pancreas crying for water and being given sugar water, soda, beer and coffee. Consider the people you might help just by giving them a different perspective.  Imagine the lives we might change for the better. God designed this machine and it comes with rules and regulations and nature is never wrong.  All of our aches and pains have a lot to do with ignoring nature, but more importantly, with ignoring our God, who created us and everything around us.  The inside of us deserves our attention just as the outside does.  It may be easy to put lipstick on a pig.  Doesn’t work so well with our heart and kidneys.

Forks in the Road

I’ve come to one of those forks. This weight /fat loss program using LifeWave phototherapy patches and some simple supplements and exercise is working. I am dropping about a pound and a half to two pounds every ten days which I could speed up by doing a full blown ten day water fast and putting my body into Ketosis, which for most of us may be great for fat loss but might not be the healthiest idea. I will not stop until I get to the original goal.  I have lost a small human so far and am expecting a larger human to be gone when I am done.

Whoever said patience is a virtue was a genius. He or she was not talking about me. I am getting a little restless and a little bored with what I am doing, so I need to think about some other things.  It will probably work faster for young people from thirty to fifty five because they have more right than wrong in their bodies than us old folk.  Just my opinion. I do know this is possible because I am living it,  without patience what would any of us accomplish?   I am getting there, and I am sincerely grateful for these blessings and grace.

So down the fork I go to speak of something other than fat loss for a minute.  Looking at it I should have taken this turn sooner, but better late than never.

As always, thoughts and criticisms are welcome. Talk again in a few days.  God bless and hold all of you and those you love close in these uncertain times. Don’t hesitate to contact me with comments or questions – as always, I welcome your feedback.

PS.  You know that poop I want to talk to you about next time?  Well most of it is water.  It might be smelly, but it is still water.


  • Tommie Weber

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