Weight Loss Progress with LifeWave Phototherapy Patches and a Focus on Healthy Choices

“Islands in the stream. This is who we are.”

13 days are gone and so are another two pounds.  I cannot tell you how good I feel.  You will have to do this for yourself.  My body is slowing the process down. I won’t say I am plateauing, because that isn’t true.  As I said before I am getting smaller and putting on muscle.  The repair process in my body is steady and I feel better. I look better, perhaps not to others but to myself. 

I compare my face to where it was three and a half months ago and a younger person is staring at me from the mirror.  I am not yet back to being forty five but internally I feel few of the aches and pains from several months ago.  The broken toe was healing until I snapped it a couple more times.  God telling me to “slow down stupid”. 


This stuff will do amazing things for the people who are thirty to fifty but please understand that this program will work for anyone at any age. I don’t want to discourage older people. What are some of the things that can negatively impact how effective this program is? Here are a few of the things I left out.

You created your problems, not God, your doctor or your neighborhood pizzeria. You did this. Your eyeballs are fatter so you can’t see very well. You can’t reach certain parts of your anatomy so stop complaining about babies in the pool with swimmies on. You eat too late, walk too little and complain too much. Try to remember what it was like to be younger and for God’s sake stop trying to stimulate your immune system and your metabolism. God will take care of those things.

Have a little faith and stop talking about your next doctors appointment.  No one gives a shit. It is boring.  You don’t have to be there on time, because the narcissistic bastard or bastardess is going to make you wait until three thirty for your two o’clock appointment anyway. 

Conventional Health Care and Chronic Lifestyle Related Illness

God almighty we weren’t designed to be hooked up to machines and swallow poison pills everyday.  Those side effects they talk about are real and if you have been taking the same pills for a year and they have increased from one to five a day, guess what, they aren’t working anymore if they ever were.  Find a new “Best Doctor” in the world, get a relationship with a good pharmacist and change something.

CHANGE something for yourself.  It is our body not theirs and they are suppose to have our best interest at heart.  We don’t have Health Care in the United States.  We have Sick Care.  We should all be sick of it.  When we were younger, we got brain washed. Doctors are not God. They can make mistakes.  

We have the best emergency care in the world.  We make mechanical adjustments and corrections better than anywhere else. This is because of hard working doctors and nurses.  We have to stop confusing them with a drug system that is broken.  More poison is not going to make our body function better.  In the short term we may need something.  I am not saying we don’t, but chemical medicine is not food and it adds to the stress levels we live with everyday.  All of the meds toxify our liver and kidneys.

Maybe this simple program is too much for some of us.  Maybe we should just let someone else tell us what is good for us.  God knows we have enough stupid politicians lying to us on a daily basis and we are lapping it up.  

I love the simplistic terms they and the simple minded, biased media come up with:

  • “Look at the research.”
  • “Follow the science.”  
  • “Take your medicine”
  • “Follow us, we know where we are going and what is good for you.”

When are we going to realize we were meant to question things?  They think we are stupid. We are supposed to go blindly into that gentle good night. It may be time to realize we can’t afford these people anymore and make them accountable for their lies.  We are suppose to be fighting for ourselves and those we love and addressing our health issues and fat issues are part of that fight. 

The LifeWave phototherapy patches are part of a new world with new ideas and new ways of looking at how medicine is practiced in this country. 

Being fat is something people can’t hide and struggle with daily.

Maybe it is time to revisit “Physician do no Harm and Physician, Heal thyself.”  Pasteur, the father of the germ theory, questioned his own research.  He recanted it on his death bed, but the damage was already done.  Money was involved and chemical solutions to physical problems became the norm.  None of it was bad or malicious or wrong, until it started killing people and we stopped questioning the motives.

Take Action to Improve Your Own Health and Wellness

Redesigning and and revitalizing the machine we walk around in everyday is a priority. It should be our priority. We should want to look and feel better. Shouldn’t we begin by looking at what is right with us rather than searching for something to be wrong?  We aren’t all suppose to weigh and look like a skeleton with clothes.  Some of us are designed to be bull dogs not poodles and that is okay as long as we are okay. 

When we were twelve, thirteen and fourteen we had to be dragged off the ball field, tennis court or dance lessons to go to a doctor, (Don’t care if your are a girl, boy or an it.) By the way being “it” was when you were playing tag. You are still a boy or girl. Live with it. Did we wonder everyday what was wrong with us or more likely  what new adventure we might go on, or what new thing we might try?

I don’t want to find things wrong with me.  After running this machine, some days right and some days wrong, I pretty much know its flaws.  I choose to look for new ways to get better that don’t take up four out of five days of my sitting in offices of people who for the most part, don’t know me from Adam and don’t care.  

This is my life and my choice. 

I am getting better every day and love interacting with young people and learning from them. They are changing the world much faster than we did, but if we weren’t here doing what we did over the last fifty years they might still be stuck in telephone booths looking for change for the pay phone. Business is new. Learning is faster. The world is changing, partly because of us and partly in spite of us.

I hope you choose a new adventure and smile at the asshole who cuts you off on the road tomorrow.  It really isn’t that big a deal and by the way, I am the worst driver on the planet.  You have issues I have issues.  What are we going to do about them?  Do we want to be a burden or a blessing to those we love? We have spent many years getting here. I think we should enjoy the ride.  

Do the LifeWave phototherapy patches work? Can we actually get younger and feel better? Can we help make lives around us better?  All yeses for me, but each of us must make our own decisions.  Decisions are much different than mere choices.  Others cannot make good decisions for all of us. It didn’t work 246 years ago and it is not working now. 

See you in a few days.  
Criticisms are welcomed always as long as they are constructive and on point.
Tommie Weber


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