Illuminating Age Reversal By Exploring the Power of Light Therapy

This non-invasive approach has been shown to modulate cellular activity, promote tissue regeneration, and regulate various physiological functions. By targeting specific receptors in the skin and underlying tissues, light therapy triggers a cascade of healing responses, leading to rejuvenated skin, improved circulation, and overall wellness. The Healing Power of Light At the heart of light … Read more

How Lifewave X39 Phototherapy Patches Offer Immediate Results

David Schmidt, founder and CEO, talks about Lifewave technology and the X39 in this webinar and explains how the technology he developed back in 2004 helps to elevate your health by activating your natural energy in the body.  Why is Lifewave phototherapy patch technology better than other pain relief patches? It’s not a drug or … Read more

Why do our phototherapy patches work and how do they work so quickly?

We have been asked over and over why our phototherapy patches work and how they work so quickly. Also, why we are using them? A simple answer is everything in the universe resonates at different frequencies. Vitamin C, Glutathione red blood cells, kidney cells all vibrant and speaking a language we don’t yet fully understand. … Read more