Sovereign Silver’s First Aid Gel


Throughout history, silver has played an essential role in human health. In the 1900’s physicians utilized silver to empower the immune system and support the body’s innate healing process. Today, as more people seek natural ways to maintain their health, silver is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Silver Gel promises to lead the way, with technologically advanced silver preparations that focus on premium quality and bio-availability.

Sovereign Silver’s First Aid Gel is the only topical homeopathic preparation to harness the revolutionary power of silver, and offers a topical form of our popular supplement product. Because it is effective for a broad spectrum of minor topical issues, you can now replace your over-the-counter (OTC) antiseptic cream, burn ointment, calamine lotion, and acne creams with one product.

Keep one bottle in your bathroom cabinet, one in your purse or briefcase, and one at work, so you are always prepared for life’s little mishaps.

Natural Immunogenics is a family-owned, GMP Certified company, and all product claims are verified by third party laboratories.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply a liberal layer of the gel in order to allow for consistent, sustained delivery. Leave wet. Do not rub until dry. After absorption, reapply as often as needed to prolong its activity.

To relieve symptoms with the following indications, first clean the affected area, pat dry and then apply gel. Repeat as suggested below:

Acne — Apply 3 times daily.

Blisters — Apply 5 times daily, cover with a bandage if needed.

Bruises — Apply 4 times daily.

Bug Bites & Stings — Apply 5 times daily.

Diaper Rash — Apply every diaper change.

Eruptions from Eczema, Acne, Boils or Shingles — Apply 5 times daily.

Itching — Apply 4 times daily.

Minor Burns — Apply 5 times daily.

Minor Cuts — Apply 5 times daily.

Minor Inflammation & Redness — Apply 4 times daily.

Minor Skin Infection — Apply 5 times daily.

Minor Wounds — Apply 5 times daily.

Nail Health — Apply 4 times daily.

Rashes — Apply 3 times daily.

Razor Burn — Apply 2 times daily.

Scrapes — Apply 4 times daily.

Sunburn — Apply 4 times daily.

Ulcerations — Apply 5 times daily

Benefits of using Silver Homeopathic First Aid Gel

  • Helps the body – keep minor skin infection at bay, allowing minor wounds to heal quickly.
  • Calms minor skin inflammation – reducing the swelling, redness and heat that often accompany minor skin wounds.
  • Reduces topical pain quickly – taking the sting out of skin irritations
  • Works topically in the relief of: bruises, blisters, bug bites, burning, itching, minor burns, minor inflammation, razor burn, rashes, redness, scrapes, stinging, sunburn and ulcerations.