Forever Christmas: A Modern Reimagining of the Classic Nativity Story

by Thomas Weber

This little story has sustained us for thousands of years.  Hope is eternal, energy is infinite and we wonder what we would do without joy and brotherhood.

Join the author as he weaves a tale of hope and kindness in a world hell bent on chaos in the novel, Forever Christmas.

We, as people, believe in space ships, cataclysm, demons, aliens, war, hate, racism and science, but a story about a little heroic family, animals and faith is getting lost in our crazy mixed up world.

A story thousands of years old is still true today as it ever was.  Miracles are all around us.

Thomas “Tommie” Weber has lived at the Jersey Shore, the Caribbean, traveled the world and now resides in SouthWest Florida.  He helped raise 6 daughters who now are raising 20 grandchildren.

What Readers Are Saying…

“What will it be like when Christ comes again? How will we know Him? What would the Angels say? Would we be terrified, simply not believe or would we recognize the truth of the holy and divine miracle that is God’s gift to humanity? In this world we have so much access and so many different things competing for our attention and effort – it’s hard to trust your heart and really believe anything you see. I was delighted to read this book where Tommie Weber tells a story about how we might recognize a miracle when it happens – and how that miracle will change the world.”

~Lisa Mazzuca from Bayville, NJ


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