Dehydration and Demineralization 101

There is a list of diseases associated with dehydration, and electrolytic mineral depletion. Nice to use big or confusing words isn’t it? Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity are just a few. The book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty, maps out all the benefits of drinking more water and all the problems created by not drinking water. Water cannot be replaced with soda, coffee, tea, beer, or soft drinks. In reality many of these liquids stress the adrenal glands and cause us to urinate more often. This doesn’t help, because many of us have been brainwashed into not liking water. It’s not sexy in the commercials on television.

Dehydration starts with just a small drop in the percentage of water inside us. It is like a sponge drying out. Demineralization occurs from sweating, eating carbohydrates, drinking too much soda or taking too many medications. The resulting drop in PH or the rise in the acid side of our internal environment is usually a direct result of our own actions. Viruses, bacteria, in fact all diseases process need an acidic, anaerobic or oxygen deprived environment to thrive.

We control our internal terrain by the choices we make. We control our lifestyle and we create our lifestyle with similar choices. Jim Rohn, an American Philosopher used to say: (I am paraphrasing here to make a point) “Eating 500 donuts while reading only 2 books will throw our life out of balance.”

Too many donuts and not enough water vegetables and fruits create a similar imbalance. Our body is almost 70% water, our bones 25% water, the discs in our spine 70% water and our blood 95% water. You get the idea. If it wasn’t for the hydraulic pressure in our spine sustained by water, we wouldn’t be able to stand up, let alone walk, turn and sit down.

Lets take the sponge image a step further. Most of us have heard the statement he or she has a brain like a sponge. Imagine using a sponge once and then misplacing it in the garage. When you find it a week later it is all curled, dried up and cracking. In short it has aged very quickly through dehydration. The cells in the sponge resemble the structures of the brain. If you take a glass of water and dump it on the dried out sponge most of the water spills off and is lost. The water doesn’t get absorb well. If we drink too quickly the same is true of the body. Absorption is a key component of health and hydration. If we take time and pour water slowly onto the sponge it begins to soften and absorb the water. The sponge gets more pliable and the regains its shape. It gets younger. The same is not only true but possible for each of us.

It is never a good idea to gulp water down especially if it is ice cold. Our body has to work hard to warm it and change it into H20 to use it so common sense says it takes a little time. Taking our time helps the body do as little work to fund hydration as possible. So remember, it is really important to sip water and give our cells, not only in the brain but everywhere inside us, time to refuel because water truly is part of the fuel system for all of us. Without it we age more quickly just like the sponge. We crack, wrinkle up inside and out.

So take a sip of water and add a Mineral Water Hydration Pack, which is in the right form and has plenty of tiny minerals to aid the process and turn the lights up.
-Tommie Weber


  • Tommie Weber

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