Newsletter: Chasing Miracles is proud to bring you an exciting new product to kick off Summer called HGH Gel.

HGH Gel is the only transdermal, FDS registered product containing HOMEOPATHIC human growth hormone available.

This product is designed especially for men and women 35 plus interested in supporting a healthy lifestyle and overall well being.


Our bones become brittle, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weaker, and energy plummets. These are the typical signs of aging. But, why do we age? The average life expectancy in the US is only 77 years. Can we do better? If so, how much longer can we live?


Naturally, cells divide only a certain amount of times in the body. The cell division process begins at the time of conception and is necessary for the development and growth of a life. As we grow, cells divide and multiply; however, as we continue to get older cell division slows down.

Many People have a common, pre-conceived understanding that only genetics play a key role in how long we live (i.e. “My father died of a heart attack at the age of 50, and so will I”). While to some degree this is true, there are other positive epigenetic factors that play an even bigger role. Epigenetic factors are essentially the overall lifestyle changes made that can disrupt your own genetic make-up. Perhaps, this is how we can extend not just our lives, but the quality of life as well.


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a single-chain peptide hormone produced from the pituitary gland, the master gland in the body. This is the hormone that helps you grow throughout childhood, hence the word “growth”. Around the age of 20 HGH is at it’s peak, and then plummets around the age of 25. This is when the dreadful aging process begins, as this hormone slowly declines for the rest of your life. But don’t worry, growing isn’t the only thing HGH is good for. Many experts say that elevating growth hormone when you are older can bring back your levels to when you were in your 20’s. Most people experience these anti-aging benefits in as little as two weeks.


The benefits listed below are based on clinical studies where individuals growth hormone levels were brought to a healthy level under the care and direction of a licensed medical professional.

  • *May support better mood
  • *May support healthier hair, skin & nails
  • *May promote hair growth
  • *May increase joint mobility
  • *May enhance libido
  • *May increase fat loss (especially around the mid-section)
  • *May support greater muscle tone
  • *May increase strength
  • *May improve memory
  • *May increase bone density


Product manufacturer exclusively uses an FDA registered manufacturing facility and compliea with all FDA regulations. With their extensive experience in regulatory compliance of over-the-counter products, they can advise and assist with all requirements for FDA product indications, label copy, and ingredient listings. They also file the appropriate drug product listing with the FDA for all drug products manufactured for U.S. sales.


According to FDA instruction, they documents every step of the manufacturing operation. They consistently produce products by using quality raw materials, applying strict product testing, and by using standardized manufacturing processes with each and every order.


Through their worldwide channel of ethical and reliable suppliers, they are able to acquire quality, raw ingredients. They use a USP state-of-the-art water purifying system for all of our non GMO, gluten free, organic alcohol.


A quarantine of all inbound raw materials is mandatory until the quality and identity of those raw materials are verified. All raw material suppliers must provide Certificates of Analysis. During the manufacturing process, all water used undergoes microbiological testing in accordance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) regulations. It is not until an extensive series of product testing is performed before the product is released.


They use one of a small number of authorized homeopathic manufacturing facilities in the United States. They are registered with and subject to inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They follow all current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) as set forth by the FDA.

This product will not be available for purchase until July of 2018. Because of the anticipated sell out of stock we are currently taking pre-orders. Delivery is expected sometime in mid to late July. Once the product is in stock we will be adding this to our current line of products available on our website. If you would like to pre-order contact us. One of our representatives will contact you directly.

DISCLAIMER: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • Tommie Weber

    Tommie Weber, CEO and founder of Chasing Miracles, is a leading expert in natural health and wellness with over four decades of experience. His multifaceted roles as an author, keynote speaker, product developer, and nutritional counselor have made him a trusted authority in understanding the human body's innate potential for self-healing. Tommie is passionate about challenging conventional healthcare paradigms, advocating for holistic wellness, and sharing knowledge to empower individuals. His dedication to fostering awareness and acceptance has given rise to Chasing Miracles, a platform that equips people with the tools and insights needed to pursue a healthier, more fulfilling life. Tommie's visionary leadership and extensive experience have solidified his position as a pioneer in the field of wellness. His work continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to lasting health and happiness.