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I was beginning to put a program for weight loss together before the convention and decided to weight (get it?). I know, I am stupid but I do make myself smile. I have organized and run weight loss programs for a couple different network marketing companies. We always designed them to work for both women and men and had to be careful to address both groups separate issues.

In my last post, I delved into the the spiritual domain in which I believe the phototherapy stem cell patches operate because it is important to recognize their significance in the evolution of health supplementation. The advent of the new patch reduces the need for some differentiation in programs but not all.

I am going to break this up so it doesn’t become a dissertation on, what is now, a sixty year old conversation.

Brad King, a young friend of mine who is trying our phototherapy patches, is a member of the Sports Nutrition Hall Of Fame in Canada. He wrote a best selling book titled “Fat Wars.” As the title implies weight loss can really be looked at as a misnomer. Fat loss is the real issue, weight is a by product of too much fat. Brad addressed this creatively and expertly, in stating this is a war on fat. Understanding how and why the body creates fat is paramount in solving the obesity issue in our society. We want as many people as possible to be successful on their individual health journey so we will stay away from the obvious tendency to simply suggest putting the patches on daily, waiting a month and deciding who was successful and who wasn’t. Some people will be, some won’t, and some will say:

“So what. The patches don’t work, just like the thousands of things I already tried.”

This is a failure to recognize the new possibilities here. The first thing we want everyone to do is look at all the information available about FAT loss as opposed to weight loss. Brad’s book is an excellent resource. Fat loss is the proper nomenclature for what we want everyone to accomplish, so lets begin here.

For nearly seventy years people, supposedly very smart, throw words and descriptions around without much thought or explanation in the weight loss industry. Overfat individuals cannot hide this problem, so a little time explaining how we got here would seem in order. Take for instance the statement:

Muscle weighs more than Fat. This is a mis-statement and much like like a lot of scientific misinformation, it is repeated often enough to be accepted when it is simply untrue. (Don’t get me started on vaccines. We’ll be here for months.)

Fact dictates that a pound of fat sitting on a table next to a pound of lean muscle both weigh the same. Add the words ‘by volume’ to the original statement and worlds open up. The pound of fat sitting on the table is about two and two thirds times larger than the pound of lean muscle. This little distinction is why people fail to redesign their bodies using diets. Diets are dangerous and the little scale sitting in the bathroom screams failure at us when we in fact succeed at some fat loss most of the time.

Using common sense most of us realize we need to at least do some exercise and eat less. We put on some much needed lean muscle in the first few weeks. We also lost some unwanted fat. For sake of argument say we replaced five pounds of fat with five pounds of lean muscle. We get on the scale and it says we lost no weight. We weigh exactly the same as a few weeks before. We immediately ascribe failure to our effort throw up our hands in disgust and ask ourselves, “What’s the point?” The point is we succeeded and rather than celebrating we give up and proceed to choke down a quart of ice cream and a couple candy bars.

Don’t begin here with this program. First change is no weigh in and no scale for six weeks to two months. We let that little bastard tool fool us again. That scale and weighing in each week allows the weight loss industry to go on and on and on. It is the main source of yo yo dieting. If we were really paying attention, and examined what we accomplished we would realize we had lost inches on our frame, probably felt a little better and also had a little more energy. The lean muscle is smaller by volume than fat. Don’t worry about the weight loss. It will come organically when our body realizes we are getting healthier and no longer need it as an insulator again so inflammation and acid.

Another mistake a lot of us make starting out is over exercising and immediately hurting ourselves or worse. Stimulating our metabolism artificially to excess is a lot like sitting in a new car putting it in neutral and stepping on the gas until the motor explodes.

We created our circumstance by dishonoring the only body we get. To reverse the process we have to honor our body first and manage our expectations. The patches are new tools and I will get to their new place in this old story shortly, because they can and will work if we give them a chance to. We have to be willing to change. We need to take time and imagine this wonderful endeavor. Sitting down, praying and meditating on our own success is an important step. It is important to see ourselves as we want to be seen and expecting to succeed is paramount. Words like genetics, slow metabolism, are just words. Phrases like, “I tried before. Nothing works for me are just excuses.” We have new tools. We have some old ones that will help. I know this because most of my life according to the BMI or BODY MASS INDEX, I have been listed as morbidly obese. This was true, even when I was competing at a high level in marathons and triathlons. I have completed more than a hundred fifty of them as a obese person.

What others think or say really doesn’t matter and quite often is just wrong. I was told my BMI was due to genetics and I didn’t buy it. My sister and I come from the same genetic pool as my two brothers. They could eat the ass end of Oklahoma and never gain an ounce while she and I could walk or run miles eat two tea leaves and gain five pounds. Something was off in the weight loss presentations. I began to look at life style choices, and different foods and combinations and all of it began to make make sense.

Then they threw a monkey wrench into my plan. Age showed up and a new enemy, insulin resistance became an enormous component along with the new most important movement in everyone’s lives that I took for granted. “BOWEL MOVEMENT.” Most of us have a certain amount of undigested fecal matter in our colon. This is often that little or large bump in our abdomen we carry around all day. If it weighs ten pounds or thirty it isn’t pretty. The more it weighs the more full of it we are.

Look, we all know some basics. Water is vital. Rest is vital. Calorie reduction is vital. The types of calories, protein or refined sugars is vital. None of it matters if we believe we will fail.

The game is rigged against everyone who wants to get healthy. Change is hard. Jim Rohn, a great American philosopher and farmer said it best. “In order to change, we have to change.” It is pretty simple when we think on it and pray about it. New habits can be formed and unformed in an average of twenty one days.

I just believe if we expect to fail we are going to. I know for all of us, if we expect to succeed we will. Let me just mention a couple more facts before I leave you to change your biology of belief from counter productive completely intuitive. We need water, but we don’t need an excessive amount. We are an ecological machine which fights for balance every second we are alive and succeeds most of the time.

Our body wants to be healthy. Water is seventy percent of our body yet we probably dislike water because it is boring. We need to manage our expectations, continually pat ourselves on the back and stop kicking ourselves in the butt. We probably can’t do all the exercise the trainer can. I know most of them are better looking than me so I don’t have to worry about that. I certainly don’t want any overweight health professional cutting me open and putting a band around my stomach in a very expensive, unhealthy, and unsuccessful surgery. So what’s the deal with this slow metabolism issue?

Our body knows most of us don’t drink enough water so based on our bad choices it will slow our bowel transit time down usually by tightening our psoas muscle. The food is trapped longer because it contains water. The body has extra time to squeeze the water out of mashed potatoes, fruits, vegetables, meat and everything else we eat. It protects itself from our bad choices, but we don’t give it a break. So the fact is we create this slow metabolism we live with along with constipation.

Genetics are a nice scapegoat, but they are clinically only responsible for about 25% of problems and that includes illness.

Fact is we are the main problem and accepting that fact is the easiest way to get started re-designing our body and changing our health which brings us to MANIFESTATION. But enough for now. I will get into it next time and please KNOW: The patches are a game changer. Examine all the things you have read about weight loss and then examine all the different applications of the patterns we have.

Our body is the most technologically advanced, perpetual motion machine in the universe. The patches are technological tools for our tool box and apply appropriately to all of us wanting to redesign our body and get healthier. We can make ourselves into a fat burning machine with some simple belief alterations and bio-physiological adjustments. It isn’t hard and can be fun if we want it. It is possible for anyone to do this. The question is, do we want to make the adjustments?

Look at yourself in the mirror and see the person you want to be. Stop worrying about about what this machine weighs. I am still obese and I intend to take this journey with every one else. My goal is to return to my college body shape and size. I hope you come back for the next installment. I am starting now, November 28, 2021. I hope you do too.

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