Back to My Highschool Weight: Bad News & Good News.

I waited an extra week to put together the third installment of this completely new way of looking at bodily function enhanced by light patches and up-regulating systems based on resonation. I have good news and bad news.

To back up, I began this journey with the goal of reaching my high school weight. I want to be as open and helpful as I can so this means full disclosure. In all of our previous programs we had enormous success when we could get people to be accountable, set goals and use information that is readily available about this subject. I am going to go back to my old friend Jim Rohn when he said, “Failures should give seminars.” In this case it is a self righteous failure sharing a new journey. It is important to keep trying, keep going no matter what. You do this for you and no one else, kind of like Thomas Edison and the light bulb and Walt Disney trying to find Mickey Mouse. They failed many times, but didn’t quit. I screwed up in this program after only ten days.

When I first approached this I made the self important statement that I had help run weight loss programs for several network marketing companies. My first ten days I implemented the use of a combination of patches including the brand new X49.

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Good news as I wrote in the second installment I lost eight pounds in less than seven days and that reached twelve pounds in ten days. Hope was springing eternal and majestic.

The bad news is very simple. I self sabotaged and repeated what I have always done. I did not stick to the program and on Friday last, I went completely crazy.

As with every other program I figured I deserved a pat on the back for dropping twelve pounds in ten days using a combination of successful approaches to fat loss. The patches are an integral part.

I went off the deep end and ate enough food from Friday to Sunday to feed an entire village of starving people. Donna had very kindly got me organic frozen coconut bars which were to help with my snacking. The ingredients are suppose to help with insulin resistance. You are allowed one a day. They are about one hundred eighty calories.

Saturday evening after a night and a day of pigging out I needed to tell her I had eaten an entire box. I was quite obviously sabotaging my effort. Sunday rolls around and it’s coffee and a bagel for breakfast, a sixteen ounce steak, green beans. (Atkins would have smiled at me). The smile would have faded when I added a good helping of mashed potatoes. I wasn’t done though. Football was on along with golf and I needed more snacks.

What the heck? I was down twelve pounds, and on a roll, wasn’t I? Truth be told, it was about seven pounds of fat and nine pounds of water as I had added four pounds of muscle mass which added up to a twelve pound loss. I was scheduled to get on the scale Monday morning. I try to only do this once every ten days because, as I explained previously, the scale is self defeating. I only put in one day of exercise from Friday to Sunday. As with every other program I expected to have to face my regrets and start over having added back all that I lost and an extra couple pounds for good measure. Not true. There was a difference here. Its called LIFEWAVE or in my case LIFESAVE. So bad news and good news. Bad news is I am a bad example. Good news is I am a good listener and learner. These patches exceed all our expectations. I certainly gained back eight pounds but even with my total lack of self control I was consistent with my patches. For the entire time I am down five pounds. This was an “AH HA” moment. This is life altering for you and I. We don’t have to start over. I am ecstatic. This is incredible.

I want to lose about a half a small human being, or fifty three pounds. Five pounds is a little less than ten percent of my original goal. Ten percent with a total melt down after just ten days in. Hell yeah I am excited. Euphoric is a better description. This was impossible for me.

For each of us no matter how many times you have tried, the impossible is possible. I have been trying to do this since before Jesus was an alter boy. Well maybe that is a little exaggerated, but I have been hanging around with Him for a long time and He has protected me for a long time. He takes care of fools and small children and we know which group I am in.

We are all able to begin again after a good start and a blip on the radar. All my foolish excess and I am still minus five pounds. This is a full five pounds less than my original starting point. My expectations are much higher than before. Will I fall off the wagon again? Probably, but knowing something has shifted will make all the difference. I am going to get down to my high school weight. Along the way I am going to transform this seventy one year old body. I hope you choose to come along.

I began at two hundred twenty two pounds. Thanks to the patches and some things I’ve learned over the years, I get to start again, not at two hundred twenty five as a giant, no pun intended, failure, but as success. This change, after all these years, is due to the patches. I ate enough over a two and a half day period to reduce a large herd of cattle in Oklahoma, and empty a few shelves at the Hersey store in Pennsylvania. I ate enough to ruin everything I accomplished over a ten day period. I got on the scale expecting to be bitterly disappointed and instead I am astounded, or “sorry” a little Born Again. We can all use a little jolt of hope these days. I now believe an old dog can learn some new tricks. This Saint Bernard may never be a GreyHound, but I am capable of being a sleek looking Bull Dog. We will see. Please remember what I said about expectations. Here I truly expected to be discouraged and guilty. Instead I am woo hoo happy, and away we go. My expectations are beyond where I started and I can see the transformation I will manifest. I hope each of us can get where we would like to be. I know it is possible for all of us. I am a good example of what not to do and now am learning what can happen. The joy is amazing.

Next up I will share some information about what to do for exercise. Why and how is learnable. This journey, together with listening to your own body is patently DOABLE. Be patient with yourselves. Get down and get back up. Remember, this is a failure giving a tutorial and I have failed personally at this more than most. Also some really significant reading material about what is good to put into the machine. Remember your stomach is the size of your fist. Think about shoving two plates of thanksgiving dinner into that small space and you have a visual to lead in to next weeks discussion. We can do this. Anyone want to question or add to the discourse please do. Tell me your story. Give me your advice. I look forward to learning from everyone.

Have you joined us on this weight loss journey? I’d love to hear your story.
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