Hope Versus Heartache

This idea of hope vs. heartache is an ongoing dilemma for most of us.  In this journey we are on the right side of the equation.  I jumped on the scale two days shy of ten, but it is Christmas time and I wanted to give the hope part the benefit if possible. I already told you I got on track last week so, here it is. 

After dropping ten, gaining back six with my craziness, and now, after just twenty eight days, I am sitting at a comfortable eleven pounds down.  That puts me almost at twenty percent of my goal, and leaves me with forty one pounds to go.  This has been easy. I am grazing more than eating meals and have eliminated all bread.  (Bread is the enemy for me. I love it almost as much as breathing.) 

The SP6 phototherapy patch has helped enormously.

There are three books I would suggest for anyone who will join me in this. I already mentioned Brad King’s “Fat Wars”.  I will add two more that are easy reads. “Sugar Busters” written by H. Leighton Steward and three doctors.  It is available in abridged form.  I am the king of cliff notes before tests. The last is an amazing book for the season, Forever Christmas. It has nothing and everything  to do with kindness and personal journeys.  It is out on books on tape narrated by Bonnie Loren and mixed by Tom Avitable, both incredibly talented entertainers in New York. Great listen or read. This segues into the part of this I am really interested in. 

A few people have responded to what we are doing together.  One friend, Laura, shared a wonderful story which I have to say inspired me to stay directly on track. 

It is the holiday season.  Everywhere we go there will be food, soda, booze, beer music and laughter.  All of it is incredible.  Everyone is well meaning. I am traveling to get involved in all of it.  Laura’s short story of her life and trial will keep me focused through it all.  The patches will help where there was no help before so a quick thank you to David Schmidt his efforts, research and humble dedication is appreciated more than he knows.  I will integrate all the patches I use into this discussion as we move forward. 

For today I want to end with accountability.  Please share your thoughts.  It keeps me focused on what is possible for everyone who is willing to try.  It doesn’t matter whether you can speak in front of a crowd or write a book.  Put your thoughts down for yourself.  If you share them better yet. If you want to share with everyone I will gladly move aside and share this forum.  I believe we can plant an organic garden of health for a bunch of people.  The seeds we sow may affect many lives.  In twenty eight days having failed miserably over the first weekend in, I am sitting eleven pounds lighter. We are going to be here for months doing this.  If someone needs a year or two – that’s fine. 

It doesn’t matter where you have been. All that matters is that you decide, not me or anyone else, you decide where you want to end up.  I promise you your are worth the effort.  We are unique as snowflakes and finger prints.  Each of us is the only one of Mary, Bob or Betty who will ever be here.  With each breath you take the entire universe expands.  That is how significant and important you are. And with each success we can plant new seeds new HOPE and perhaps eliminate a few HEARTACHES.

I mentioned BREAD IS The ENEMY.  A simple suggestion to end with. Subs, Burgers, Sandwiches, just remove the top piece of bread and save it for later.  It will eliminate half the carbs and you have not changed much beyond the look.  The taste is the same.  If you feel like getting really crazy remove one piece of meat and a piece of cheese.  Just common sense things.  Think up your own and share them. We can all use the help.


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