Memorial Day – Mission of Hope!

We The People

In honor of Memorial Day this month Chasing Miracles wants to share it’s mission of Hope. Chasing Miracles centers around kindness and a belief in the human spirit, but it goes further. In the beginning, there were just people and the writing was a form of entertainment and expression. Things changed rapidly because of the abuse we have seen escalate over the years from the Health Industry.

There is no reason not to prevent disease and yet we don’t. There is no reason not to look for the cause of disease and sill we are consumed with tinkering with it after it starts. To change the Health of this and Future Generations it will take an unlearning and unwinding of the biological insanity on which our entire form of “Modern Medicine” is based. It will take courage to admit our mistakes and move into a five-thousand year old model of medicine which utilizes all wisdom, not just what the pharmaceutical companies and their subsidiaries, the FDA and the United States Congress want us to believe.

This is a country of “we, The People.”.
We are created similar, not equal.
There is one thing on the planet that does not discriminate: That is disease.

As people, we simply want all the information which is already in textbooks and has already been revealed to the medical community to become mainstream. To that ends, I use my book as a lead into providing the little I have learned over 35 years of study about the real “Traditional Medicine”. The study is based on staying well for a lifetime rather than treating symptoms for a lifetime. It is necessary to examine our health care system and realize: “It is not Health Care, it is Sick Care. We only use it when we are sick.”

Medical intervention may be necessary in some situations and drugs have a place but not as a first response to every situation because there is money to be made in drugs and much more in legal drugs than illegal drugs. Years ago our government declared war on drugs with the slogan: “Just say no to Drugs.” Why only legal drugs when prescribed medications kill more people every day?

A great man gave a speech in 1963 in this country. He had a dream that men would be judged by the content of their character alone. It is in honoring this man an his vision for this country and the world, we move forward with this mission to Change the Health of This and Future Generations. Not by destroying what we have learned but refining and combining all of the wisdom which already exists and making it available to everyone.


  • Tommie Weber

    Tommie Weber, CEO and founder of Chasing Miracles, is a leading expert in natural health and wellness with over four decades of experience. His multifaceted roles as an author, keynote speaker, product developer, and nutritional counselor have made him a trusted authority in understanding the human body's innate potential for self-healing. Tommie is passionate about challenging conventional healthcare paradigms, advocating for holistic wellness, and sharing knowledge to empower individuals. His dedication to fostering awareness and acceptance has given rise to Chasing Miracles, a platform that equips people with the tools and insights needed to pursue a healthier, more fulfilling life. Tommie's visionary leadership and extensive experience have solidified his position as a pioneer in the field of wellness. His work continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to lasting health and happiness.

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