Silver: Nature’s Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Viral Solution

It never ceases to amaze me how many things we think God or nature is unable to do without us. Have we allowed ourselves to become so arrogant that we really believe the Earth can’t get along without us? When we sit and marvel at all the things we have accomplished in Medicine, Science and Architecture, just to name a few, one might pose the question, “Why wouldn’t we?” A more prudent observer, or at least a more curious observer, might ask, “Why would we?” Just look at all we humans have accomplished. Consider space travel, computers, mighty tankers and giant airplanes. Who could accomplish this but us? Why shouldn’t we marvel at all we have learned? One might ask, “So you have done all these things by your logic and believe that you are smarter than nature (or God)?

The amazing nature of nature

Why would we? Doesn’t nature give us hints at the answer to all of our questions and the genesis of all our inventions? Didn’t birds take flight and cross continents before us? Don’t sharks and whales cross oceans without us? Didn’t ants and bees build mighty cities before New York or Hong Kong were even concepts? Examine ant hills running above the ground and below. Then examine skyscrapers with subway tunnels running beneath. Well, isn’t it just possible – and I ask this in all honesty – that God and nature might have provided some natural “antibiotics”? Herbs and minerals have a long history, dating back five thousand years. This is a little beyond the mental meanderings of synthetic pharmaceuticals which have less than two centuries behind their use, yet claim all their superior effectiveness based on faulty biological assumptions made by the Pasteur, the father of the germ theory. He is actually the foster-father because Anton Beuchant in Canada did the original research.

Pasteur’s Germ Theory

Pasteur, after all his attempts to culture his germs and bacteria in human tissue only succeeded using rotting fruit. At his death he was humble enough to recant his mistake, realizing that Nature knew more than he did. “Life and death begins in the blood. Keep the inner environment pristine and disease, including germs and bacteria, will not proliferate.”

This simple bold death-bed statement could have and probably should have altered the path of modern medical research. Wisdom doesn’t always win out in our world. The profitability of synthetic medication seems to supersede everything done in the health field and allows wisdom of thousands of years to consistently be ignored. A prime example of our shortsightedness is Penicillin. In 1945, it required only ten units of this wonder drug to destroy Pneumonia. Today, it takes upwards of millions of units to do the same thing. New, more potent and powerful antibiotics were developed to replace the weaker to combat the ever resistant forms of bacteria and virus. Who is winning? I think the evidence is all around us; more disease, more pestilence, more things to be frightened of than ever before.

Silver in the old days

Before all of the arguments about synthetic drugs began, silver was used effectively by doctors themselves as an anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Silver nitrate was used in our eyes at birth to kill any residue of pathogens which might have latched on upon completion of our journey from womb to world. Farmers placed silver dollars in milk jugs to keep the milk from spoiling before the advent of refrigeration. We changed from silver change in our pockets and silver ware to eat with to nickel, tin, and aluminum alloy products, and it seems that a whole host of new diseases have taken hold.

We over-mined silver out of the ground when photography needed it. It wasn’t there to clean our water in the ground. It’s not there to kill germs on our hands when we hold our coins and it’s not available as a last protection against a small pathogen that might have gotten into our food. All of this is my mind wandering the landscape of what we have created. I hope yours begins to do a little wandering of its own.

Silver today, everyday

What is the point of all this rhetoric? Well, I use silver on a daily basis as my preventative. I use it for burns and have had wonderful results with cuts, and infections – some of them down to the bone. I put it in my grand children’s ears for ear infections and try to get them to use it to prevent flu, colds and other every day inconveniences. It kills hundreds of pathogens where synthetic antibiotics kill only a few. This isn’t to say that antibiotics aren’t effective or don’t have their place in crisis situations. It is only to say that I choose nature as a first response to all things. Man-made solutions pale in comparison to nature.

I have been using silver daily for more than two decades and I don’t go to the doctor to look for things to be wrong. This is a personal choice and there is a very good and real argument to be made for regular checkups in this world we live in. I choose for myself to live my life in a certain way. Others can and do choose other paths. I have not had a synthetic antibiotic in over thirty years and don’t intend to toxify my liver further without necessity with any pharmaceutical drug.

The Oprah Show recently interviewed a guy who makes his own silver, ingests it and turns blue. He didn’t look healthy but said he felt great. The point is, what he did was his choice. The silver he ingests is poorly refined and made. It is in the wrong form and is not easily absorbed, hence his build up and toxicity. It isn’t smart to use bad forms and badly made products of any kind. Over-using drugs isn’t smart yet we do it on a daily basis. Oxycontin was created as a palliative care drug for end of life, terminal patient use only. Today it can be found on all the college campuses across America recreationally and is in wide use as a painkiller. It is a killer all by itself. If the celebrity seeking guy on Oprah would have looked at the information readily available to him, he could have used silver in the proper form with no toxicity to his body and no color change, also” NO FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME ON OPRAH“. Just as we shouldn’t overuse a synthetic medication, we shouldn’t overuse natural things either. But, that doesn’t refute the positive effects silver has in fighting infections, bacteria, AND VIRUSES. The last time I looked antibiotics don’t work on viral invaders into our body. Sensationalism sometimes gives good information a bad name. Drugs protected by large lobbies and politicians kill people every day with no outcry and no response. By the way one of the leading Cardiologists in the country was asked on Dr. OZ what he would have in his medicine cabinet if he could only have one thing. His answer as shocking as it might seem was “SILVER.”

Silver works

It keeps cuts clean, helps burns against infection, promotes quicker healing with less scarring in cuts and burns, and has no adverse side effects. In the beginning of this article I laid out a path which leads back to nature as a wise and humble path. Wisdom and humility dictates what we know, and know that there is more to learn. Humility and investigation should be the watch words of our approach to health, because medicine is big business before any other consideration. We have seen and developed many wonders with our God-given intellect, but I submit all of it exists in the natural world first.

The tree drops its leaves to the ground, while rain is drawn from all the rivers and oceans to be re-cycled continuously. This has been going on before our towns created recycling garbage cans. The birds took to the air long before The Wright Brothers flew that first hundred feet. Silver is nature’s anti-biotic. It really is this simple. Perhaps it is time we all decide to investigate and learn about what is possible in nature. The nice thing is the internet has made it so easy to get information. All we need to do is make a choice for ourselves to wonder. Wonder never killed anyone. Children begin to wonder and that is how they learn. In the scheme of things we are infants in the face of all that God created. The magic is ALWAYS IN THE WONDERING. how to care for this wonderful machine we walk around in on a daily basis WILL FORCE US TO LISTEN TO THE LITTLE WONDERING VOICE INSIDE OUR HEADS. Maybe will learn about our own instincts telling us what might be right or wrong for just me, no one else, just me. That is why I use silver. I have always trusted God first and man second. I pray for a portion of His wisdom daily, and for forgiveness, and the ability to forgive, constantly, but that’s just me.


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