Turn Your Water Into Singer’s Water

I am world-renowned glass shattering vocal coach and author of Raise Your Voice Jaime Vendera. You might’ve seen me blowing up glasses with my voice on shows like MythBusters, Good Morning America or Time Warp. Want to know my secret for a powerful life lasting voice? It can be broken down into 3 simple points:

#1-Correct Vocal Technique
#2-Lots of practice

In order for me to shout, teach or sing for hours on end, I have to practice using correct technique but I also need TONS OF WATER…EVERY DAY! I personally drink at least a gallon of water a day. Why? Because in order for my vocal cords to vibrate throughout my 6-octave 120-decibel range requires lots of lubrication. You see, the vocal cords need to be constantly lubricated to vibrate effortlessly for singing and speaking and the only true means is by water. Water is oil for the voice. Whether you are a singer, speaker, schoolteacher, auctioneer, etc…we all need water for the voice. If you use your voice for anything in your daily routine, whether for answering phones, giving presentations, singing in choir or just to talk with your friends, you have to have water to keep the throat from drying out or becoming hoarse.

Now here’s the catch, just because you are drinking water doesn’t mean your voice is getting the water it needs. You may be peeing half a gallon out instead of absorbing it into your cell. So what I did is research the net to find a better means of drinking water; a way to get the most out of every ounce of water I drink. I found it in Alkalize to Go – Mineral Water Hydration Packet. For me, they are pure gold! I am no scientist but from my understanding, Mineral Water Hydration Pack has a way of making water molecules more easily absorbed by your bodies cells. It literally makes your water “wetter”, so I dubbed Mineral Water Hydration Packs “Singer’s Water”. By adding a Mineral Water Hydration Pack to your water and turning it into Singer’s Water, you become hydrated much quicker, thus getting more water to the voice faster!!!

But there is even a better reason to take Mineral Water Hydration Packs. The combination of minerals and electrolytes act together to boost your pH level and help to promote a stronger immune system. This might just help you beat that dreaded “sore throat syndrome” so many singers and speakers seem to get. Should you believe me? Well picture this…I was performing my glass-shattering act in January of 2007 for a Japanese television show. I had been in bed sick for 6 days. The day I had to film the show I had a 102-degree temperature and barely was able to shatter the wineglass. I started on Mineral Water Hydration Packs a few weeks later. As of this writing, it has been 15 months since I have had a cold! That is NO LIE! I know I owe it to my Singers Water.

So if you depend on your voice, you might want to depend on Mineral Water Hydration Packs as well. Start taking Mineral Water Hydration Packs and turn your water into Singers water. Send me an email at jaime@jaimevendera.com or drop by jaimevendera.com and tell me about your “Singer’s Water” experience.
Jaime Vendera

Prime hydration, peak health and increasing your body’s vitality is more accessible now than ever. This is an all-natural, organic mineral supplement that balances your body’s pH through mineralization. Mineral Water Hydration Pack promotes increased hydration, mineral consumption as well as nutrient and phytonutrient absorption.

A healthy pH balancing preserves the integrity of our digestive enzymes, allowing our bodies to assimilate and absorb essential nutrients from our food. Mineral Water Hydration Pack delivers more than 70 vital trace minerals which increases energy and metabolism, reduces joint pain, improves immune functions and decreases chances of heart disease. Balancing your pH levels and delivering essential minerals directly to your cells helps your body dramatically reduce internal stress levels. It strengthens the brain, strengthens the heart and efficiently controls insulin levels.

Mineral Water Hydration Pack Features:
Clinically proven, standardized ingredients
Organic, All-natural
Harvested to ensure the highest levels of purity and safety

Suggested Use
Add one unopened sachet to 16-24 ounces of water. Shake and enjoy!


  • Tommie Weber

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