Weight Loss is simple, but not always easy.

If you eat less you will lose weight. Simple.

What is hard is eating less. What if you could eat more? We all know eating the “right” foods will help you lose weight. We also know that choosing the right foods is hard. Making those choices with our heads rather than what our bodies communicate to us we need is no easy task.

What no one rarely talks about is the “why” of weight loss. Oh sure we all hear how bad it is to be overweight but breaking that down to the reality of your daily life is not so easy. We are an overworked, overstressed, fast paced, instant gratification generation. If it doesn’t work instantly, we aren’t sticking around long enough. Getting to understand what is really going on could be the missing piece for you.

Inside our bodies are what I imagine to be an army of little minions. Their job is to fix what goes wrong inside us. When you eat bad foods the army kicks into gear and breaks the food down to eliminate it as fast as possible. Sounds simple? It is. It becomes complicated when we have dozens of things breaking down inside and the army runs out of manpower to fix everything.

Water infused with Ionized Minerals provides the fuel for the army. Whatever you put into your body that is toxic: sugar, processed foods, nutrient deficient foods and drugs are all foreign to your inner terrain. Your body recognizes them as poison and immediately works to eliminate them out of your body as fast as possible. When your heart muscle starts to malfunction, those minions go to work. When your kidneys, liver and bowels aren’t working right, those minions are on it. Inflammation? Minions can handle that too.

Without fuel, the minions cannot do their job. They put your body back in balance so it can heal itself all by itself. Exactly as it was designed to do.

Weight Loss becomes a natural occurrence rather than a forced cleanse or starvation diets. Your body starts to crave fruits and vegetables, the kind of nutrients it actually loves. The choices you make for yourself through the day become natural and easy rather than feeling deprived. All the lights are on and the minions are partying up a storm.

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  • Tommie Weber

    Tommie Weber, CEO and founder of Chasing Miracles, is a leading expert in natural health and wellness with over four decades of experience. His multifaceted roles as an author, keynote speaker, product developer, and nutritional counselor have made him a trusted authority in understanding the human body's innate potential for self-healing. Tommie is passionate about challenging conventional healthcare paradigms, advocating for holistic wellness, and sharing knowledge to empower individuals. His dedication to fostering awareness and acceptance has given rise to Chasing Miracles, a platform that equips people with the tools and insights needed to pursue a healthier, more fulfilling life. Tommie's visionary leadership and extensive experience have solidified his position as a pioneer in the field of wellness. His work continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to lasting health and happiness.

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