December 31: Twixt and Tween

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I did very well driving to New Jersey and was very consistent with drinking water and placing Aeon, Glutathione, X39 and X49 phototherapy stem cell patches daily.

The Nirvana SP Six, and Silent Nights also have application but I chose to go with the ones above as my mainstay.  Everyone must look at the challenges in their life and also consider how these things affect weight loss.  Aeon is important because it lowers stress.  Stress creates hormones that die in our system and our body creates fat cells to protect us from inflammation.  Fat cells are insulators. Choose what will work for you.  The X39 and X49 in combo are helping me build muscle and do repairs.  The combination is powerful.

My body is changing visibly. 

My goal was to return from Christmas in New Jersey two pounds less than when I left Florida.  I am one pound heavier on the scale but two notches smaller on my belt. 

What happened you might ask? I would tell you my sister and a wonderful turkey dinner happened.  My children, stuffing, spiral hams and flank steak along with most of the dead animals available were there.  I told them I wasn’t eating and for the most part I stuck to this.  Thinking about those words while doing my best to stay away from the food and excess has helped me this year.  I fasted on Christmas Day, trying to remember that there are those who have nothing in this world.  I, at the same time, chose to participate in the joy and smiles everyone was sharing.  I did succeed on eating less over these ten days.  Egg Nog is a killer especially with dark rum.  

Kids saying: “C’mon dad try it, you have to eat something.” 

Rice and turkey and wine and laughter make me and all of us weak, but in the end I fasted on Christmas Day.  The first time in 60 years I can remember not stuffing my face and not being disappointed.  I explained my reason to my children and family, and my Donna and everyone was supportive.  The party raged around me the joy and hope and love abounded,  I participated in every aspect except the food: Failed at the eggnog and rum but no one noticed.

Coming home to Florida we ate fruit and some eggs.  We stuck to the patches and our water.  We even made sure we had a day of good sleep.  We didn’t maintain our expertise program.  It was cold and yes, that is my excuse.  For ten days we didn’t see the Sun.  I expected to be two pounds lighter then when I left.  I am overjoyed at being two belt notches smaller and having a little more lean muscle mass.  This is working.  Any one in their sixties, seventies and eighties can do stem cells at home, address issues of nerves and sleep problems and pain at home.  We can do it inexpensively.  

increase wellness using phototherapy stem cell patches

Please come on this journey with me. 

It is December 31.  We are back in Florida.  Think of how we set up goal markers.  Tonight is New Years. February will bring Valentines Day. March Saint Patricks. April and May Easter and Memorial Day.  We need to decide we want to change.  We want to enjoy all those days, but perhaps a little smarter, a little younger, a little healthier, not for anyone else but us. 

This is reversing aging research, believe it, expect it, make it work for you. Water is not boring. It is seventy percent of our body ecology system.  We can get in to fat burning or a ketogenic state for free.  Just fast for a couple days.  Our body and our mind reset.  

I fasted on Christmas Day consciously for the first time in 60 years.  I am grateful. I am seventy one years old.  The first eleven I was told to eat everything on my plate.  I continued that for seventy one years.  It is time to change.  It is time to become newer and younger and a little healthier. 

I did not come back to Florida weighing less than when I left as I hoped but I am smaller.  My heart is lighter. My mind is  softer.  My expectations for all of us are greater.  We can do this.  This is a new path and it is real for anyone who chooses to walk it.  

Happy New Year and God bless and keep you and all those you love and maybe some you don’t. It’s better this way, maybe.

~ By Tommie Weber

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