How Light Therapy Can Be Used For Weight Loss


Well, I asked for feedback and got it.  The gist from several people I know and love is that the first segment was too long and basically sucked. After going back and re-reading it, I have to agree.  It missed the mark. It wouldn’t have got me started. 

So where are we now? We have new medical technology and anyone can use it. I failed to show how.  Obesity is still a huge problem. (No Pun Intended). 

I am using the phototherapy patches for weight loss, and starting on November 28, then passing through two major holidays, I am sitting at a thirteen pounds lost in 39 days. Realistically, I believe this is magical in my world. I have the metabolism of a dead person.  I am the epitome of a person who gains weight at the holidays just by being in the same room with food. Many of us can relate. 

Light therapy can help activate weight loss for anyone.

Our patches have a number of applications to weight loss  which appears in the research.  (learn more about phototherapy patches here)

SP6 for cravings helps us resist urges along the way.  X39 helps repair damage we have done to our body over the years we have used it.  X49 helps with some difficult issues as we age like nerve integrity,  muscle and bone development, previously not thought possible for older individuals.  Aeon helps balance stress, stops hormones running amok. Nirvana and Silent Nights to help with good restful sleep.  All of these things are imbedded in weight loss research and application.  

So, big deal. How does this help? This is just the same old nonsense.  No, its not.  We mustn’t trivialize something new with no legitimate reason.  And, yes, this is a BIG DEAL. I may not have been very clear about this technological advance going in. In weight loss, up until now, all the things I mentioned were affected by the stuff we put in our mouths.  Food is supposed to be medicine.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine said this thousands of years ago.  The food we eat today is problematic because it is deficient in minerals, enzymes and basic nutrients. Also, it is genetically altered.

The big deal here is our patches don’t exacerbate digestive ills, because they are not digested. Our patches lighten the work load on the micro-biome as a function of too much food intake.  Less food volume, less work is just common sense.  There are items we still need to ingest out of necessity, water for example along with proteins and some vitamins.   White refined sugar needs to be eliminated.  Bread turns to refined sugar. Pasta also. They are the enemy.   Common sense is a tool essential to each of our successes. Rest is essential. 

Why the patches? What difference can they make? 

All the difference in the world.

Seventy years of failure to control obesity, increased sugar dependence and caffeine addiction, while over exercising  demonstrates diets don’t work. Again, how can the patches help?  Allow me please to state the obvious. Digestive issues have increased in severity along with insulin resistance. Diabetes is out of control.  Heart disease kills twelves times the women that breast cancer does and all of these issues are connected to obesity and metabolic acidosis. So, how can the patches help? They lessen the work the body has to do to try and heal itself.  They lighten our Metabolic load and streamline effectiveness.

Imagine laying spinach, avocados and asparagus on your stomach as you rest on your couch.  Twelve hours later they are still there.  We have to eat them for any benefit. The body does the work through digestion to turn them into usable ions – electricity or light, if you will.  What if they could shimmer and disappear into our system. Not possible we think, but why not? Think phone, now cell phone.  Think pocket calculator now computer.  Think driverless cars. Maybe, just maybe, there is a new possibility. 

Now imagine these vegetables lying there using the technology of the patches.  Their nutrient values are turned into light without eating.  They begin to shimmer and disappear into our body through the skin which is our largest organ of absorption. Pretty cool, but not finished yet.  The patches provide nutrients like music gives tone.  The beat of a drum resonates.  Everything on the planet resonates at its own frequency. Vitamins resonate.  Food resonates, LifeWave patches are providing synergistic resonation to things used in the body breaking them down before digestion.  This eliminates work.  Digestion is the hardest work our body does.  This is kind of like moving from a hand saw to a power saw.  

Creating the end use product of stem cells, glutathione, vitamin D as represented by their specific resonation is revolutionary, isn’t it? A little, maybe. The Sun has been synthesizing vitamin D for us forever without eating anything.  This is a fairly recent discovery.  Homeopathy reduced things to their smallest energetic form in the mid 1800’s. Homeopathy and Hahnemann’s “Law of Similars” was studied at medical schools alongside Allopathy or modern medicine.  These breakthroughs were pushed aside by pharmaceuticals. They are having a resurgence. 

Light therapy could be looked at as revolutionary or maybe an upgrade to Yoga, Acupressure, Tai Chi Chiropractic, Reflexology etc. In patch form, it is new, exciting and easier than eating fourteen servings of deficient fruits and vegetables a day.  The light nutrients stimulated by our patches are there and working in seconds and continue resonating for twelve hours.  This is mystical and magical to me.   This is easy.  This is possible for all of us. 

There are some things like water we have to add but some of the missing ingredients our bodies have lost over time are now available in perfect form because of light therapy.  Segments of our body’s secret sauce can be added without putting  anything in our mouths. 

I am sitting at 13 pounds down in 39 days.  Until recently, losing three pounds a day was thought scientifically impossible.  This is new science.  This is new technology and it is working.  Please consider your own possibilities. Try it for yourself. Imagine new possibilities.

I have stalled or plateaued in my own journey, for the past six days. I have stayed at a specific weight. Now, I am adjusting and creating a simple combination of fasting and exercise to move forward. Pick things you enjoy, like dancing, hiking, TaiChi or light weights.  Make it work for you, but above all else make it fun, and don’t injure yourself.

I will let everyone know how I am doing in ten days, good or bad.  If anyone needs help or suggestions please let me know.  If you get frustrated keep trying. Don’t quit doing what is good for you. If this guidance is not helpful for you, please let me know that too.  This is going to work for everyone who commits to themselves and their own health.  I promise.  These patches make it possible to repair, rebuild and revitalize at any age.  This wasn’t possible before. 
God bless everyone and again my prayer and wish is a healthy, exciting, fruitful, younger you in the new year.

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