Weight Loss and Wellness Accountability Update – One Month and Eighteen Days In.


I have gone through Christmas, New Years Day, 3 Birthdays,  Martin Luther Day, one disaster of binging and still on track.  

I plateaued for nearly a week so I went back to Dr. Joel Furman’s book on fasting and did it in this way.  I stopped eating after dinner on a specific night which gave me until morning as the beginning of the fast.  I continued through the next night and then ate a small breakfast the following day which gave me a day and a half of no food.  This broke the plateau.

After this short time and being 71 years old I am down 17 pounds.  I am almost half way to my first goal of 180 pounds in less than two months.

I haven’t heard much feed back so I will just continue with little updates.  

Phototherapy Patches Compliment Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Our patches are delivering what is expected.  I have new energy, and a lighter younger feeling.  My body is getting smaller. I am seeing a significant difference in my gut and legs. My arms are showing more definition.  The x39 and x49 are working synergistically together.  

I hope that everyone who reads this gets an idea of what is possible for each of us.  Sure, this is new medical technology but more than that, it is a new way to work on our own personal physiology.  We can redesign this body we own.  I will post a before and after when I hit thirty pounds down. 

My exercise routine is walking five miles every other day, carrying light weights in my hands, which gets my aerobic threshold up in much less time and gives me resistance training in the same period.

God bless everyone and much love, hope and success in the new year.

-Tommie Weber

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  • Tommie Weber

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