Expectations and Frustrations in Weight Loss

Ten more days are gone.  I got on the scale expecting to have dropped at least 3 more pounds. “The scale screwed me.” 

I gained two and a half pounds.  I have been studying this stuff for fifty years.  What the heck is going on?  This stinks. Instead of being able to report that I was down twenty plus pounds in two months.  That little bastard on the floor gives me a choice.  Keep quiet. Don’t fess up.  Just lie on this report. 

Nope can’t do that.  There is too much good happening. 

Yes, it is frustrating. That scale is designed to keep all the weight loss programs in business.  

So what about the light therapy patches? “Oh, heck they don’t work.  Might as well quit. This is a pain in the ass anyway.”  Not true.  The patches are doing exactly as they are suppose to.  I am not.  That is reality.

All the bitching being done is pretty legitimate except for a few things.  I told you I got through Christmas, New years, and 2 birthdays. That was great. I was on my way.  Men are stupid sometimes.  I forgot the most damaging holidays. Playoff football games are abundantly laced with burgers, beer, chips, anger, frustration.  So why not just give up and go with the flow? 

I am sitting here whining because it is always easier to just quit.  Change is hard.  It was one of the first things I mentioned.  I am doing this for me, no one else.  This is my body and my health. 

By the way, I didn’t gain any fat.  I am smaller than I was two months ago.  My skin is tighter, my eyes are clearer and what about these PATCHES?  I am sitting here writing this with no cheater reading glasses on.  I didn’t realize it until I was well into this post.  These patches are working.

I am leaner and yes, a little heavier.  The question is, why?  Each of us must always consider our own whys.  I know it is uncomfortable, but it is helpful to write down everything we put in our mouths for about a week, or at least go back and reflect on what we did differently. It will gives us an idea of what we are doing to ourselves.

When we get into these efforts we tend to let things slide when things are going well. 

The football holidays or holy days are some of the worst to get through.  For myself, in my reflection, I have to admit to returning to eating after eight o’clock.  We cannot do this. Digestion is the hardest thing our body does, and that is why it does it when we are resting.

RESTING is not sitting on the couch screaming at the television. WE did not drop a pass or miss a tackle.  WE did not burn the chicken. (And before some of us go crazy, I didn’t say He or She… you choose who screamed at who – not my business) Somebody burned the chicken and somebody is yelling at the TV.  You choose who in your world. People on television dropped the pass. This I know.  Somebody here burned the chicken.  This, I know also. Better to keep my mouth shut on this one. One must choose the better part of valor or suffer a fate worse than death.  The “You better be kidding me stare.”  It conveys volumes.

WE are trying to redesign this body we were given.  The reality is simply this.  I began putting sugar in my coffee.  Just a little.  Not a Big Deal.  YES IT IS!!!!  I know it, and so do you.  Eating after eight o’clock is a big deal.  Eating snacks and becoming enraged at others, especially the most important person in my life, for no good reason, is a big deal. 

Stress is real and we create most of it in our lives. 

Stress creates hormones.  Hormones die off and rot in our system creating inflammation.  That inflammation creates acid and our body creates fat cells to protect our vital organs from the acid.  These things all affect our moods. Better to realize what is going on.  Better to adjust our own bad attitude before someone much more capable adjusts it for us. Maybe men aren’t as stupid as we would believe.  

I feel fortunate to re-evaluate the mistakes I made here.  And,  just so we understand.  I yell at the television.  It doesn’t yell back. I don’t yell at Donna.  She has taught me it isn’t good for my well being. I will be back in ten days and I will get on the scale knowing  I tried to correct my mistakes.  I may or a may not fix all of it.  it is a process and it is working. 

These stem cell phototherapy patches are working.  The Aeon is helping enormously with the frustration and moods. The x39, x49 and Icewaves are helping me with inflammation, repair and rebuilding. 

I hope to hear from some of you [ Contact Me Now ] about successes and struggles. It is part of growing and helps us cheer for each other.

I am smaller, a little heavier, feel better and  look a little younger.  The patches are working for me on more levels than I can even know. In ten days I will be lighter, smaller and a little more hopeful and joyful.  I wish the same for all of us.

Tommie Weber


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