Weight Loss Real World Actualities

We make mistakes.  I make mistakes, including during my efforts on my weight loss journey.  I put things in my mouth I know I shouldn’t.  It might be comfort food. It might be just something that is in front of us in the moment.  These past ten days have been a little struggle when it comes to losing weight.  I made some bad choices based on what I want to accomplish and what I want others to realize is ACTUALLY possible. 

Fat loss and muscle rebuilding, and bone rebuilding is harder when we get a little older.  It is much easier to read a book and relax at the pool than to walk a few miles after making a bad choice.  We have lost some of our natural HGH which began about age twenty seven.  Our telomeres have shortened but we have decided to do this for ourselves.   

It has been eleven days and I made some of these mistakes, but I have tools.  I have the aeon and sp6 LifeWave phototherapy stem cell patches to help with cravings. I have mineral water hydration sachets for my water which helps me with my acid alkaline balance. I have a mindset that won’t let me not do this.  I am down another two pounds and getting close to thirty lost in three and a half months. 

I have a ways to go, but where am I, really?  Forget the mumbo jumbo.  Here is the reality. I feel better.  I look better, not that it was all that great to begin with, but my face is thinner.  Everything feels lighter.  I can bend over to tie my shoes without stopping to get a breath.  I am breathing better. I am succeeding for me.

Nothing will stop me now. Not too much food, not bad choices along the way.  The reality is weight loss is possible.  This is not ANTI AGING technology.  This is reversing the aging technology and we have been fortunate enough to be introduced to it.  So yes, I am grateful.  Yes, I know it is more difficult as we get older, but I know it is worth it. 

My days are fuller because I need less rest.  My attitude is better.  I was able to play with my grandchildren and do the things they wanted to do.  I am able to do things for neighbors and help out with the things around our house that were becoming cumbersome.  We may not ever get back to being twenty five, but we can dream. We can try. We can stop thinking about our next doctors appointment and imagine para-sailing or twenty seven holes of golf, or pickle ball or whatever floats your boat. 

Doctors may help some things but I just don’t believe western medicine has our best interests at heart.  I am 71 years old and I am thinking about our next adventure. I haven’t been to a doctor in 47 years and I don’t want to find out what is wrong with me.  I hear a little less, I don’t read as much as I use to, and I can’t run a four minute mile, but I can remember what it was like to be a little younger and I can reach for it.  I can feel it.  My mind is clearer. I have taken out over twenty five pounds of fat and put it in the trash, and in my world, that is a good thing. 

We can get younger. That is what these little LifeWave phototherapy stem cell patches are for.  I talk about hospitals and appointments and having the best doctor to fix anything.  If I have been blessed to know one  thing over years studying the mumbo jumbo it is this:  I am my own best doctor

My body has fixed all my cuts and scrapes and colds and flus and viruses.  It mends bones and solves problems, like breathing and blood flow and growing my hair and skin without me thinking about them.  It is my own automatic manufacturing plant.  My heart beats without me thinking about about, and yes, I am grateful and yes, GOD is good.  He? She? Doesn’t matter to me. Not my business.  I believe and that is my choice.  Yours is yours and that is fine with me.

I am grateful and in awe that we each have the ability to choose and WE are the only animal on this planet allowed this GRACE.  We just have to make better Choices to achieve our weight loss goals, and over the past three and a half months I hope a few of us have learned simply that “WE CAN.”

-Tommie Weber

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  • Tommie Weber

    Tommie Weber, CEO and founder of Chasing Miracles, is a leading expert in natural health and wellness with over four decades of experience. His multifaceted roles as an author, keynote speaker, product developer, and nutritional counselor have made him a trusted authority in understanding the human body's innate potential for self-healing. Tommie is passionate about challenging conventional healthcare paradigms, advocating for holistic wellness, and sharing knowledge to empower individuals. His dedication to fostering awareness and acceptance has given rise to Chasing Miracles, a platform that equips people with the tools and insights needed to pursue a healthier, more fulfilling life. Tommie's visionary leadership and extensive experience have solidified his position as a pioneer in the field of wellness. His work continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to lasting health and happiness.