In Weight Loss, as in Everything Else, Life Interferes.

And So It Goes

When you are trying to feel and look better, the recommendation is that you get good rest and stay away from stress.  I bet a politician made that up.  There are all kinds of exercises, diets, paraphernalia, expensive meal plans, surgeries with no follow up plan and crazy supplement programs.  All I can say is, stick to the ones which make sense in your life.  A simple example is to address insulin resistance as best you can by altering your food choices for a little while.  More egg whites along with food sources of omega three fatty acids, fruits and vegetables that reduce acidity in our bodies are all good.  There is a simple statement of fact which is true today and was true two thousand years ago when Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said it.

“Food is medicine.”  Further, “The best food is the best medicine.”  Conversely “Medicine is not food,”. We cannot solve the obesity problem by popping pills or supplements in our mouth.  

No Matter What We Do, Life Interferes

I got through this next time frame and lost another four pounds of fat in a little more than ten days.  This is also when life tried to interfere again, as it does with all of us and the patches and common sense helped.  My children came to Florida with five of our youngest and very exuberant grandchildren.  I am Seventy One, as I have said, and I have to tell you I really dislike miserable old people who have forgotten they were once young.  This was a blessing and a test and proof that God is good and great and was kind to me in my stupidity once more.  

They arrived after a twenty three hour drive and I took four of them to the pool and was perhaps a little too concerned with what some of these old people thought.  I lost focus and almost lost one of my grandkids.  Then, when I was trying to revive him many of them had to give their opinion.  Some were very special.  They helped with the other children.  I am thankful to those generous souls around me who ignore my arrogance. 

What does this have to do with fat loss you might ask?  I am fortunate I know the things I do and brought him back. Then the EMT’s (Two Sets) a hook and ladder fire truck and several ambulances showed up. I had my grandson up walking and wanting the pool, but we were hospital bound. I didn’t want to go but Donna and my daughter prevailed.  The doctors and nurses as always were wonderful. The ancillary staff, not so much.  We were there overnight and on our way home at eleven the next morning.   Cassidy was right back in the pool so we headed to the beach where fooling with my other grandson got me a broken toe.  Again you ask, what has this to do with fat loss?  It is simple,  no matter what we do, life interferes.  Stress is always there and it is a huge issue in what we want to do.  There is another statement which is true 100 percent of the time.  

“Fat is not a weight problem.  It is an inflammation problem.”

Stress creates hormones. Those hormones die in our system which creates acid.  Our body creates fat cells to protect our organs against the inflammation.  Life is going to interfere.  Calm down, (The Aeon, Nirvana and Glutathione  patches help enormously).  We had a wonderful visit.  The kids were great and most of the older people were very kind.  I was very lucky and blessed by God Once more. I also stayed on track and lost four more pounds of fat. I am five pounds away from a before and after picture.  

P.S. A touch of food poisoning could have helped a little, but everything counts. Good luck and keep trying.  Do what is best for you.  Cut down on what you are putting in your mouth.

-Tommie Weber

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