Anti Aging Means Living Longer and Staying Healthier

Is there a fountain of youth? Is it possible to be like the image of Dorian Grey and never age? We have feared the unknown and death since the beginning of time. Now we are closer to understanding these things and growing older has taken on a different meaning in society. Growing older chronologically no longer has to be synonymous with becoming old. There are many examples to point to. The Georgians in Russia, the people around the Islands of Okinawa in Japan, the Titikakas, from the Amazon jungles and four or five other cultures around the Globe have an inordinate amount of people living to be more than one hundred twenty years old. They are in good health and working in many cases past one hundred years.

So, what’s going on? Why do we, in the west, believe 80 years is old when it could actually be middle age? There are some similarities in the way these people live to point to. One very startling one is how they get their minerals. People in mountainous regions drink glacial runoff or pristine water infused with imbedded minerals. Some call it glacial milk. The people around Okinawa, are exposed to coral sand which infuses their water and environment with much the same minerals as Glacial Milk. Could the common denominator be water and minerals? An old folk legend from Japan stated, and I am para-phrasing here:

“From the Sea of Japan will come a boon or blessing for all mankind.”

I know that I have used Alkalize To Go Hydration Water Packs and Sovereign Silver for twenty three years now and I rarely even get a cold. It seemed the easiest way for me to simulate these people who live long healthy lives.

I don’t have access to the mountains in Russia and I would never get past all the mosquitoes, snakes and spiders, as I am afraid of big worms, in the Amazon jungle. No, I think I can safely say I will forget the snakes and spiders. Putting a little mineral infusion teabag in my water made sense to me. These little sachets weigh less than two ounces for a week’s supply, so I can carry or ship them anywhere easily. They can be added to any beverage, hot or cold and there will be a benefit. The benefit of additional negative hydrogen ions is documented in Guyton‘s textbook on human physiology. The teabag makes water wetter for easier hydration, which is common sense and it provides an entire complex of ionic minerals. I realize this is not the be all and end all of anti-aging, but it is a proven baby step to feeling younger and healthier by lessening oxidative stress. Slowing oxidative stress in the body is a lot like moving a car to the desert. Forty year old cars look brand new in Nevada, not so much at the Jersey shore. Oxidative stress is a major component of aging in the body. The difference between the car and our human body is one rusts and the other rots. In both cases slowing the process slows the decay of aging. Alkalize to go water helps combat metabolic acidosis with buffering minerals that are ingested and not digested. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Copper, Zinc, Potassium to name just several of the seventy plus minerals our body needs everyday are available to our system in minutes rather than hours. Again, I know this all sounds a little nuts but I guess I am a little nuts. My body and yours heals most of the things that go wrong with it if it has the right tools or food. I haven’t been to a Medical Doctor for more than forty years. I am not saying this is for everyone. I choose this path, and possibly being a little nuts could be good for all of us if there is some benefit. I don’t trust the medical community, and I have good reason having worked with cancer patients for nearly four decades. The genesis of chemo therapy is mustard gas used to kill people in World War I. Now they use it to kill cancer cells, which it does effectively while it is killing every other cell in the body. Does this make sense? Losing all your hair, vomiting, and diarrhea are effects not side effects. They happen to the patient and it isn’t on the side. It is right in the persons face when they look in the mirror.

There aren’t six or seven ways drinking water with minerals can kill you as there are with most pharmaceutical drugs in television ads. Maybe it takes being a little nuts to move upstream against the flow, rather than downstream with the crowd. Our lives are supposed to be our own. I am pretty sure history repeats itself and looking back can save us from repeating the same mistakes we made over and over. Einstein was right, as he usually was, when he said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over exactly the same way and expecting a different result.”

If we want to fight addiction we have to want to fight addiction, and make no mistake all drugs are addictive, legal and illegal. In order to change what is going on we have to face what is going on as it is, not as it is sold to us. We must be willing to change in order for change to be an affect. In order to live longer we might want to lift a glass of water with minerals, the blessing to all mankind, and stop thinking water is boring. Water is the miracle solvent of life. It is the delivery system inside the body for everything. As a control in research it is the main ingredient in placeboes which work forty percent of the time simply because we don’t know they aren’t the medicine the others are getting. Our sub-conscious mind works overtime to get the system back to health. A watery placebo containing almost nothing is working to help heal us forty percent of the time in research trials. I may be nuts but forty percent without the five different ways to kill me sounds pretty sane. Add this to all the new research into low dose human growth hormone, stem cell, immune therapies and non-invasive treatment choices and we just might want to give God another look also.

Doctors and nurses are doing their best in situations they really can’t control. If I have to choose between the lobbyists and politicians controlling the medical industry or my God and health professionals. I am on board with God, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors and all the others who stick to the oath:

“Physician do no harm. Physician heal thyself.”

God, the creator of the machine and the fuel, or GOOD FOOD it runs on might have something to say about how it heals itself 99 percent of the time with no intervention at all. Is there a cure for every disease? Probably there is. Does it begin from the outside in or the other way around?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was serious when he said:


He didn’t mention prescription medicines. Oh, I forgot, there were no prescription medicines. The first drugstore was actually started in Spain about 1795 and what was on the shelves for blood purification? Stony Coral minerals. Very similar to the ones in our Alkalize To Go Hydration Water Pack sachets. No addictions necessary.

Food for thought folks. Animals that are sick rest, fast and drink water. After about eight days they are usually better and are up looking for food.

Why did water, placebo or not, work forty percent of the time? Why isn’t this part of the research? Is research about getting us better or simply managing what is wrong with us? Managed health care is not health care it is sick care, over a long period of time. Good doctors and nurses work hard everyday for our benefit. Drugs have their place as a last resort not a first response. There is so much information available at our finger tips now we are foolish not to access it and become informed. I’ll drink to that and because I am boring, I will drink my mineral infused water which makes up seventy percent of the only body I will ever have.


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