Weight loss and Healthy Resolutions After the Holidays

The Holidays are over. Stuffing ourselves beyond becoming comatose in a chair is put away until next year. It is January and here we are with our list. This year we are going to save money, spend time with family, quit smoking, exercise regularly, read more books, eat healthier, and the number one thing we … Read more

Dehydration and Demineralization 101

There is a list of diseases associated with dehydration, and electrolytic mineral depletion. Nice to use big or confusing words isn’t it? Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity are just a few. The book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty, maps out all the benefits of drinking more water … Read more

The Hype of Alkalinity

Alkalinity has become all the rage across conversations about nutrition. Unfortunately, hype can be devastating to our body, because no one really understands how the body works continually to balance itself. One hundred and forty trillion cells are continually communicating and dancing in rhythm. Bad information throws everything out of sync, or worse, causes disease. … Read more

The Easiest Way to Drink More Water

The easiest way to drink more water is to buy a bigger water bottle. It’s that simple. Most of us are drinking bottled water from plastic bottles which is not stored at proper temperatures to keep the bad stuff from leaking into the water itself. When I see bottled water sold in stores by the … Read more

You Are Never Too Old to Improve Your Life

Have you ever decided to make a healthy lifestyle change but quickly given up, telling yourself that it’s too late to learn new habits? It’s time to take charge and not let your age stop you, because there’s surprisingly not that much difference between an 18-year-old brain and a 100-year-old brain, says Argye Hills, MD … Read more

Weight Loss is simple, but not always easy.

If you eat less you will lose weight. Simple. What is hard is eating less. What if you could eat more? We all know eating the “right” foods will help you lose weight. We also know that choosing the right foods is hard. Making those choices with our heads rather than what our bodies communicate … Read more