It Is A Journey

I wanted to get this out before Christmas. I did not not get on the scale again so, no update there.  Frankly, there shouldn’t be.  We are on the road for the Christmas Season and with it comes the trials and tribulations of smiles, road rage,  other peoples schedules and the joy of being around … Read more

A Gift – “Time to get our gel on”

Being involved in health and wellness for more than forty years gives me a little insight into how the body responds to new stimuli. Thinking of all the mentors and teachers I’ve been blessed with gives me pause. Many of them were kind enough to look past my arrogance to find some semblance of sincerity … Read more

It’s Never Too Late For Change

I am an older person. Sixty seven to be exact. I believe my body, in a perfect world, would heal everything that goes wrong with it. It has done a pretty good job up to now of fixing my infections, shortening my colds, mending my broken bones, cuts and abrasions of which there have been … Read more

Gateway to Summer

We hear it every year in May -and it’s always hard to believe, but summer is right around the corner. That means swimming pools, lazy Sundays on the patio, and food extravaganzas galore. So, before you throw on the flip-flops and head to the beach, there are some great suggestions you will want to take … Read more