The Incredible Health Benefits of Alkaline Water – Get The Facts!

For most of the years we are alive we take our body for granted. It goes about its business without us even thinking about it. Our sub-conscious mind makes most decisions for us. It decides to grow our skin, heal our colds and broken bones, beat our heart and add tears to our eyes. It is our body’s automatic pilot. Without it we could not even move. For instance, just wiggling our fingers would take lifetimes to learn because there are so many chemical equations and electrical stimulus that are involved in the process. Our sub-conscious is millions of times more sophisticated and powerful than our conscious abilities.

Alkaline water must be an essential part of any alkaline diet. This is because alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular tap water. Dr. Linus Pauling stated: “disease cannot exist in a alkaline rich environment.” Alkaline Water will neutralize acid in your bloodstream. Some experts say that alkaline water can help prevent disease, such as cancer and heart disease.

The various compounds that result from digestion and end up circulating through our bodies for eventual excretion will be either acidic or alkaline. If we eat a lot of foods that are acid forming in the body and few that are alkaline we will create a level of what has been called ‘low grade metabolic acidosis’.

It is not technically correct to say that the blood ‘will become overly acidic’ as many claim, because blood pH, and cellular pH is one of the most tightly controlled mechanisms in the body, however there are significant general health effects from having a diet that is too acidic and many of these stem from our need to ‘buffer’ blood and cells that are potentially too acidic-bring them back to normal range.

Drinking Alkaline Water Helps You Stay Ahead of Acidity

When your body becomes too acidic it goes into stealth mode and does what it has to do to achieve alkalinity and a normal pH.

Some of the ways the body seeks to maintain normal pH:

  • Breaking down bone tissue to supply calcium), potentially weakening bones.
  • Breaking down muscle to free up glutamine a highly basic amino acid and the most abundant amino in muscle tissue. This may result in lower levels of muscle mass, impaired recovery and reduce glutamine stores that may also play a role in immunity and gut health.

When blood pH is elevated, even fractionally, there may be additional effects of greater inflammation and increased insulin resistance, both of which are co-factors in the development of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other metabolic disorders.

Almost every day we are bombarded by commercials and advertisements for soda and energy drinks. There are a host of reasons why we should not drink them. The most important reason being that they contain huge amounts of sugar and caffeine, both are extremely hard on our bodies.

Did you know that sugar is the leading cause of obesity in this country? Not fat. SUGAR. Soda and Processed Fruit Juices are loaded with it. The average American today consumes over 150 pounds of sugar per year/ It is added to just about everything you eat. By comparison, our grandparent’s generation ate around 25 pounds per person per year. That my friends is a 600% increase in just 75 years.

Consider the effects of sugar and acidity:

  • The average soda has no nutritional value, it contains only sugar, carbonated water, artificial color, artificial flavors, caffeine and other bad ingredients.
  • Childhood obesity increases more than 150% with each additional daily serving of soda, which adds more sugar to a typical child’s diet than cookies, candy and ice cream.
  • A Harvard study of young athletes identified a strong association between soda drinks and bone fractures in teenage girls. This is a direct result of the phosphates contained in soda that deplete calcium and lead to brittle bones and osteoporosis.
  • An average can of soda has 35-38 mg of caffeine and can contain as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar.
  • In addition to high amounts of sugar energy drinks may contain huge amounts of caffeine (up to 280mg) almost triple the caf-feine in a cup of coffee. Because caffeine is highly acidic these drinks are doing damage to your body that we haven’t even begun to understand.
  • Because of their high caffeine content energy drinks can boost heart rate and blood pressure, increase anxiety, dehydrate the body and cause insomnia just to mention a few of the adverse effects.

We do damage every day to the only body we get and expect it to care for itself. Water allows all the messages we need to function to pass around this system. It cushions our brain and adds hydraulic ability to our spine. It softens our hair and makes our eyes bright. Water strengthens every part of our system and provides the medium for messages and nutrients to pass around our interior design. Thinking we can do this with other substances is counter-intuitive.

Alkaline Water Benefits the Body BIGTIME! Here’s how!

Alkaline water offers the best premium fuel available to the engines in our system. It is full of natural electrolytic minerals and in a form which makes our processes easier. Most of us ignore water because it isn’t sexy, sparkly or sweet. But it is alkaline water is highly effective, sugar free and doesn’t destroy our organs or make us fat.

Alkaline water is less acidic than regular tap water. When you drink alkaline water you are helping to reduce the acidity that most Americans deal with on a daily basis due to poor diet and nutrient deficient foods they consume. Researchers have found Alkaline Water helps to neutralize acid in the bloodstream. Drinking Alkaline Water increases oxygen levels and improves energy and overall metabolism. The antioxidants help offset anti-aging and diseases linked to over acidity. Alkaline Water is also linked to cleansing the colon, rejuvenating the skin and keeping muscles and joints in good working order.

Books such as: “The ph Miracle”tell us: “increased dietary alkalinity reduces body fat and fatigue, protects bones, supports the immune system, and achieves better overall health.”

Maybe we should think before we drink.

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