Why Are We Trying To Reinvent Water?

The big question that always comes up from people who are wanting to improve their health by reducing the sugar laden drinks in their diet is:

“Can carbonated beverages harm you?”


“Can you hydrate from carbonated water?”

There are some common health concerns associated with drinking carbonated water — for instance, that it leaches calcium from the bones, causes kidney stones and strips the enamel from your teeth — any or all of these are cause for concern but these are not supported by clinical research.

So why try to reinvent the water wheel?

Why not stick with what we know to be true:

Water Hydrates the Body.

If you are looking to kick that up a notch, add Alkalize to Go minerals to your water and Hydrate on the cellular level.

I know there are those who claim they “hate the taste of water”. Considering water has no taste I think most of these people are just being over dramatic.

The real issue is they are coming off sugar drinks that have masked the toxins they are delivering to your system with flavors.

Meaning FLAVOR is the issue.

Did you know that LEMONS are alkaline? Adding a slice of fresh lemon to your water not only adds flavor but enhances the alkaline benefit when you add Alkalize To Go Minerals to your water.

Adding berries to your water can also enhance the flavor without tampering with the health benefits of your Alkalizing Mineral Water. Cucumbers are an excellent option too as is a spring of fresh mint.

In all cases always choose organic sources. What you don’t want to do is introduce pesticides and other toxins into your water when you are working so hard to become Healthy.