Lose the Weight You Want To With Phototherapy Patches

I was beginning to put a program for weight loss together before the convention and decided to weight (get it?). I know, I am stupid but I do make myself smile. I have organized and run weight loss programs for a couple different network marketing companies. We always designed them to work for both women … Read more

The Shock and Awe Factor for our Health

What is it about us humans that makes us go for the Shock and Awe factor? We do it with our Health when we follow trends that “shock and awe” our bodies rather than nurturing them. Protein powders for the most part are exactly that. They shock your system with a high amount of protein … Read more

Weight loss and Healthy Resolutions After the Holidays

The Holidays are over. Stuffing ourselves beyond becoming comatose in a chair is put away until next year. It is January and here we are with our list. This year we are going to save money, spend time with family, quit smoking, exercise regularly, read more books, eat healthier, and the number one thing we … Read more

Weight Loss is simple, but not always easy.

If you eat less you will lose weight. Simple. What is hard is eating less. What if you could eat more? We all know eating the “right” foods will help you lose weight. We also know that choosing the right foods is hard. Making those choices with our heads rather than what our bodies communicate … Read more